10 Things I Like About My Job

September 24, 2010



As a pro-blogger, I sometimes get free swag, all of which I test on my guinea pig kids, heh heh.

Karen inspired me to write this post (she was inspired by MamaKat’s Writer’s Workshop- go see Karen’s post for more about that). The Workshop is another meme I would love to do regularly, but haven’t any time to do regularly right now, due to my ferociously busy schedule with the house renovation and etc. But eventually, I will participate in all these memes!

Anyway, this meme was nice and simple. I like my job. I am a professional blogger and freelance writer. I evolved into this job, after being a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) for almost 20 years. When I was a kid, I wanted to be an English teacher, like my uncle. But I never went to college, so that ended that. After school, I entered professional radio. I LOVED that job! I had my own morning show where I could be as creative as I wanted. The “I Love Lucy” theme was my morning show bumper music, lol. After I married and started having children, I stayed at home to care for them. As a hobby, I started up a travel blog in 2007. It attracted lots of readers and advertisers, and led me to my jobs today.

I Like:

1. The flexibility and creativity that blogging allows me. I don’t think I could work at a job that didn’t allow some creativity and innovation. I like building my own things, doing my own things. Blogging and designing my own blog templates gives me an outlet for that.


She sits and stares until she gets her attenshuns!

2. Working from home (that is, when Livvy, my darling kitty, lets me. She loves sitting in front of my computer screen or on top of my keyboard!). Here, I am home with the kids, I can still manage the laundry, cooking, cleaning, phone calls, appointments, the kids’ schooling, the homework, the … well, you know.. all that SAHM stuff.


Livvy dislikes my job... it cuts in on her "me" time.

3. Writing. I have always liked to write. In elementary school, I had a teacher who assigned vocabulary words to the class, for memorization. Every once in a while, she would assign an additional project: use the vocabulary words in a story of your own making. Oh, I had fun with this one. I wrote an elaborate “continuing saga” story about a girl and a wild horse. My teacher was so impressed that she read the story aloud to the class, and the class was absolutely entranced. The kids begged me to continue the story. I think my writing future was born then.

4. Getting paid. I write for a variety of companies, and they all pay me at various times (some immediately, some every two weeks, some every month). I love getting paid. :mrgreen: Although, I would still blog if I didn’t get paid.

Keyboard Kitty

Livvy likes my computer, too...

5. I like my computer. See #4 for how I got such a nice computer. I’m an electronics freak, and computers are totally cool. My current one is a quad-core, and I have a 23″ monitor. Someday I hope to get an Intel Core i7 or some great big, power-chewing monster that will cause rolling brownouts in my small town. Yeah, baby.

6. I can work in bed. Sometimes I get tired of sitting in a desk chair all day. That’s when I go upstairs to rest my leg (I have sciatica) and work from up there. I have a monitor that hangs from the wall (an Ergotron model that I really like). My bedroom is not very pretty (the upstairs bedrooms are next on our renovation list, as they haven’t been updated in 155 years), but it’s quiet and comfy. And I cannot hear the phone ringing from up here…

7. NO HIGH HEELS. NO DRESSES. I dislike dressing up. Part of it has to do with the sciatica (restrictive clothing and funky shoes aggravate the condition), but even before then, I disliked wearing all the things that a businessperson must wear. At home, I can wear my shorts and a tank top and no shoes!

Livvy reaching

Hey! Hey!

8. My own hours. Sometimes the hours are very long. I may work 80 hours or more in one week. I may struggle through an article, not knowing how to write it. Or the article may require tons of research before writing. But I can manage my own hours, and if I need to sleep in, I generally can.

9. Moving on up. The ladder. Getting better, getting more attention from advertisers, etc. I like progressing; and with blogging, I can progress at my own pace. I know some mommy bloggers who go on all-expenses-paid cruises, who get new cars, etc. I don’t think I’ll ever be “that” big. I don’t have a desire to be a celebrity, not at ALL. But I’d just love a new car, lol.

My Tabby Point Siamese

Oh yeah-- and I get to pet my cat. ALL. DAY. LONG.

10. Meeting other people from all over the world. I know people from Thailand and Malaysia and Venice and London and California and Australia! It’s wonderful, getting to know these people, and being able to spread the Good News so easily. I like learning about new cultures, too. It’s been very gratifying, meeting new folks from all around the world.

Probably the only thing I would improve about my job is the job security and pay. Some weeks, the business is REALLY good, other weeks I’m awfully nervous that I won’t be able to pay the bills. It’s an up-and-down kind of job. Easy come, easy go. I must always have my “feelers” out, watching for other opportunities, because the online world is unstable. It helps to have a lot of experience and knowledge in other trades, just in case.

So how about your job? Do you like it? Leave your link in the comments, I’d love to read about what you do!
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4 Responses to “10 Things I Like About My Job”

  1. Secondary Roads Says:

    I started to read this yesterday, but that’s when life got in the way. When I came back a few hours later, the Internet connection was down. Here I am again . . .

    Love that meme. I’ll have to try that soon. I can so relate to many of your reasons. A wall mounted monitor in a 155 yr-old bedroom? I like the sound of that.

    With reasons like yours, you have to feel sorry for people that don’t enjoy their work.

    • Rebecca Says:

      Hey, Chuck, I’m glad you made it back! Yes, I am very blessed to like my job.

      Lin, your job sounds great, too! I’d be interesting in reading your list of 10 things you like about it. Although I already know that Irene and your other co-workers would probably be in that list, eh? It sounds like you work with a fun bunch!

  2. Lin Says:

    I work part-time for a company that has plants all over the U.S. and in China. I work at the home office in Chicago and I write their corporate newsletter, which is fun. I am somewhat limited in content because I need to co-ordinate and feature various dept. head’s columns each month. But then, I have free reign with the rest of it and I love it! I actually do the layout myself and I have fun playing with Publisher and all those nifty things you can add to make it look spiffy and fun.

    Because I am on a monthly deadline, I make my own hours based on where we are at in the publishing schedule. I have it translated to Chinese and Spanish as well, so it is a challenge to write each month, making sure the verbage I use can be easily translated and understood.

    In my spare time at work, I help out with Human Resources and any projects they are working on like benefits and audits. I think the freedom in my schedule and work load is what makes it such a great job.

  3. Wanda Says:

    What a blessing to really enjoy what you do for a living.