20 Reasons Why I Am Different (or Weird)

February 9, 2012


I saw a similar post at Mom to 8 blog and liked her answers so much that I thought I’d steal the idea write a similar post! Feel free to write your own, and leave your link in the comments.

1. I have never had a pedicure or manicure. I’ve never had my hair colored. I’ve never had a massage (nor will I!).
I did use “Sun In” for a few years, but that damaged my hair. Now, I am mostly au natural but I would like to have a hair permanent again, someday. My hair is very long and it would cost a fortune, so I procrastinate spending $100 for a perm!

2. I have not been to the cinema in over 20 years. My children have never seen a movie in a movie theatre.
This is a really big change, as I was a tremendous movie buff as a young girl and studied drama in school. I got completely turned off by the seediness of the business. I became a Christian and knew God would not want me to pimp myself off for movie roles. I absolutely despise the celebrity culture. I’ve had people ask me my advice about starting a career in acting and my advice is always “Don’t bother.” lol

3. When I was younger, I used to spend hours coiffing my hair and applying makeup and choosing clothing.
Now that I am older, it’s a good day if I get my hair in a ponytail and slap on my socks before I jumpstart my day. :-p

4. I don’t like large gatherings.
I much prefer a gathering of two, three, or four people. I don’t like shopping at the mall, either. It’s too busy and too hurried.

5. I grew up irreligious. No religion.
Never attended church, didn’t know Christians. When I was 14, my parents started to “get religion,” and dragged us kids around on their exploits. I was exposed to all sorts of religions — Jewish, Catholic, Mormon, Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist. I don’t recall ever hearing the gospel, though– that Jesus Christ bridged the gap between unholy people and a holy God. I first heard it (or first comprehended it) when I was 17. I became born again, then. I cried like a baby because it felt like this huge weight of gloom and guilt lifted from my mind. My life has been going upwards ever since.

6. I’m a true Protestant.
I was “sprinkled” as a Catholic as a baby. I corrected that mistake when I was 19 years old and got *really* baptised. šŸ˜€

7. I believe that abstinence is possible.
Contrary to very popular (and populist) opinion, people are not lust-driven animals. We can control our actions.

8. I talk in tongues.
Yeah, the Holy Spirit stuff. Rock on.

9. I like just about all kinds of music.
Disco, techno, rap, country, soft rock, etc etc. I’ll pretty much tolerate it all. But if the lyrics are trashy or the music is sleazy, I’ll turn it off. The only music I really don’t like is jazz and blues and the “drug culture” music.

10. My first blog was a political blog.
I maintained it for several years but quit after Terri Schiavo was executed. Anyone remember her? She had brain damage from a sudden drop in potassium, if I recall correctly. She was in the hospital on life support but she could still see and move a little bit, and her parents reported that Terri even made vocalizations. But Terri’s husband said that he once heard Terri say that if she was ever brain dead, she’d want to die. There was a big trial about the matter– Terri’s parents said Terri had always been pro-life and did not want her to be euthanized. Terri’s husband was waiting on the insurance policy and he had another lady he wanted to marry. The Florida court found favor with the husband, and Terri was starved to death. It’s still very upsetting to think that a couple of judges could end an innocent woman’s life so readily.

11. I think the theory of evolution is false.
I could write a 5,000,000 term paper explaining why this is so…. *sigh*

12. I read mainly non-fiction books.
Fiction is mostly dull to me. It is suitable as an escape, perhaps, a way to relax one’s mind, and I do read fiction from time to time for that purpose. But I am easily bored by fiction unless it has some redeeming qualities (such as survival tactics that are built into the story or some other such sort). When I do read fiction, it’s usually historical fiction and so I feel like I am making progress in something.

13. After becoming a Christian and studying the Bible, my IQ increased by 30 points.
I was never a very “smart” gal but I liked to read things. I tackled the Bible, reading and reading and reading. God must have done something to my brain, because my reading comprehension went through the roof.

14. I don’t believe any person is a mistake.
I think a kid with Downs Syndrome or autism has the same value and has certain gifts just as much as the divinity school professor or scientist. Everyone has value, everyone has strengths and weaknesses, everyone has something to offer to someone else.

15. I am against abortion 100,000,000% percent. See #14.

16. I don’t believe that things like intelligence and character and morality are “set in stone.”
In the book Les Miserables, Inspector Javert chases down Jean Valjean (a former criminal who repented and had dedicated his life to God). Javert believes that a leopard cannot change his spots, and Valjean must pay for his previous crimes for the rest of his life. People can change. God is in the “changing people” business.

17. Sometimes, at the grocery store, I throw my softer items (toilet paper and etc) into the cart. Just for fun. Or I’ll talk in a foreign accent or dialect at the fast food drive thru.

18. I do not get television reception nor watch TV.
Well, I recently downloaded a PBS app for the iPad, and so I guess I do watch *TV shows*. I like Downton Abbey and Antiques Roadshow.

19. I don’t really like dogs.
For a few years, I tried convincing myself that I really did like dogs, I’d just never had the *right* dog before. All the dogs we’ve had have been pretty good dogs, but I just never feel the same attachment as I do with my cats. We have two Yorkies and gosh they are adorable– I’ve always admired Yorkies and like the breed more than any other– but I just don’t feel that adoration for dogs at all. I avoid other dogs, in general.

20. I can’t stand it when people want me to value their preferences about serious matters but have no facts to support them.
Like abortion. Or Christ. Or evolution. Or the Constitution. Choosing whether a baby will live or die, or deciding whether Jesus really rose from the dead, or evaluating the problems with evolution isn’t like choosing an ice cream flavor. There’s a big difference between preference and decision. There are actual facts that accompany such important decisions, and the facts should be consulted before concocting an opinion or preference. But so many folks are simply happy with preferences, caring not that their preferences have spiritual and historical repercussions. I’m not saying I am perfect in all my decisions, of course not, but I’m saying that it is important to weigh all the facts and investigate the matter before making careless preferences that affect others. Our culture seems to thrive on the instantaneous “hot or not” opinion… and then everyone wonders what’s wrong with our society, lol.

Ah, now you can see why I was a political blogger, eh?

So how about you? What are your 20 reasons why you are different (or just plain weird)? What are your excuses? LOL

2 Responses to “20 Reasons Why I Am Different (or Weird)”

  1. Anna Says:

    Oh, you are really weird!

    Just kidding! I agree with you on most of these. I do watch movies and TV, and my son is studying drama in college – but he’s going to have to figure out if and how he can do that without compromising his beliefs. We’ll see how that works out…

    But abortion and evolution and preferences without any facts to back them up – with you there! Politics just make my head hurt.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Anna- LOL. I think, in most places, community theatre is fun and enjoyable and very satisfying. But the Hollywood and New York arenas are a totally different animal. Obviously, I have very strong feelings about it. There are so many super talented people who simply want to tell a good story through acting, but the entire drama culture ruins it. I’ll pray for your son. I have read your posts about his roles and he sounds like he is good! I wish him well. šŸ˜€

    Yeah, politics make my head hurt, now, too.