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Bad Night For Leaving Comments

October 5, 2012


Well I know when it’s time to quit. I haven’t visited blogs much all week so I thought I’d cram all the visiting in tonight. For some reason, every single time I wrote a comment on a blog, the blog either crashed, the comment system crashed, or the comment just never went through. And in […]

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The Peevish Disputant Strikes Again

October 2, 2012


Well, I was reading a few of my most recent posts and I realized I have had WAY too many happy, perky posts around here. It’s time to get riled up! It’s time for the latest “Pet Peeves” Edition! Right, Livvy?! That is my kitty’s “peevish” face. So we call her our Peevish Disputant when […]

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Monday Quiz About Me Meme

October 1, 2012


It’s been a while. With winter fast approaching, I am in “Aesop’s ant” mode, scurrying around trying to prepare for the next 6 months of cold and snow. I’m still working on that built-in bookshelf unit and building a fireplace box with mantel for the heater. UGH! Too much to do… But that doesn’t prevent […]

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