3rd Party Protection Software?

July 3, 2008


I use a third-party software program for my passwords. I don’t like my web browser storing my most secret passwords! I’m concerned that an addon or some malicious program will read them. Somebody just came up with the idea to use a kind-of third-party software for online shopping. At least, that is how I see it. It looks good, and I am all in favor of Identity theft protection. I have had identity theft TWO TIMES. The first time was someone stole my bank account and made some charges. I had to file all these reports, and the police came over to do a report. It was so stressful! The second time, my credit card numbers were stolen. The data breach was discovered quickly, before any purchases were made on the card. It was a nightmare. I’m getting too old for this! The first incident is still a mystery. It was either an inside job by a crooked employee, or someone sniffed my bank numbers when I did some online stuff. It was scary.

So I’m very interested in something like StopShield. Has anyone tried it? I looked at the website and it is basically the middleman between your financial information and the online store. It replaces your credit card/bank information when you shop online or register at a web site. Your real data is never entered at the online stores you shop; instead, the data is stored at StopShield. So StopShield is like a middleman. The same thing with online registration– StopShield creates usernames, passwords, and anonymous email addresses for you (for free). This keeps all your personal information secure, since you aren’t distributing it to every Tom, Dick, and Harry who wants it. The StopShield website has loads more information and some videos that show exactly how this works.

My curiosity is piqued. Has anyone tried this? I’m a great proponent of third-party stuff like this. I’ve HAD IT with my data being stolen. My hair is getting gray fast enough! If you’ve got StopShield, please let me know, because this sounds great! <

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