5 Minutes for 5 Minutes for Mom

April 28, 2008


In my browsing of Entrecard blogs, I frequently peruse bloggers’ sidebars. Am I an aberration? Do most blog readers read the sidebars? i wonder. I have kept my sidebar content to a minimum, but not really by choice. It’s because I have not yet settled on a permanent theme for the blog. AND there’s that annoying little bug with WordPress (or the theme, or both) that keeps deleting my widgets’ content. I have to paste the data back in from time to time. So the last thing I want to do it add more stuff to re-do!

Well, I have been looking for neat blogrolls and websites to join. This blog is still quite new and it needs some PR. I have been very impressed with the 5 Minutes for Mom website. It’s very cute! I’m going to join it (as soon as I have a theme made permanent). I know there are some mom bloggers who read this blog. Are you a member of 5 Minutes for Mom? Is it as fun as it looks? Let me know!

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