A Beautiful Gift After a Tough Day

September 7, 2010


Those folks at Febreze sure know how to make a gal happy. I opened up my door this morning to see a box from the FedEx man. Livvy and i opened it up, and look what we found! Pretty!


Talk about perfect timing. Yesterday’s renovation projects were agonizingly slow and difficult, and I woke up somewhat discouraged and NOT AT ALL motivated to do anything today. It was a wonderful surprise to open the door and find something pretty and sweet-smelling.


Inside the gift box is a package of beautiful, crispy napkins, a lovely white apron with blue trim, and a very neat-looking Febreze air-freshener dispenser! Oh, and lots of curly blue paper ribbons for Livvy. 😉

The new air freshener is called “Febreze Set & Refresh.” I think it is the best Febreze product EVER– requires no batteries and no electrical power to run!


Febreze sent me Linen & Sky. I think they are starting to know me well! I’m not too find of the heavy scents, but I do like the vanilla, cinnamon, and lighter scents. This is a wonderful dispenser– very pretty and not too “overpoweringly scenty” at all.


You insert the scent cartridge into the dispenser, pull out the bottom of the dispenser to create a little stand, and voila! Set it anywhere. It’s very pretty, so you don’t need to hide it. I put it on my new kitchen windowsill. Livvy abandoned her blue curly ribbons to check out the new dispenser. lol. A picture is worth a thousand words.


Well, I like it. And her toilette is half the reason we need air fresheners around here!

As I mentioned, I also got napkins and an apron. ?? What does this have to do with Febreze? Well, I read the accompanying cards, and discovered that Febreze is teaming up with the host from “Money Saving Meals,” Sandra Lee! Sandra specializes in ideas for keeping the home fresh, and preparing for unexpected guests in a flash. Febreze has a video page at YouTube with all sorts of information and helpful tips. I am actually hoping to have unexpected guests more often, now that I am not ashamed to entertain people in my new kitchen. Sandra included a few easy recipes for these occasions, including a luscious Custard Cream Pound Cake, yum!

This latest Febreze invention is, I think, their best so far. It’s delicate, it’s pretty, it’s unobtrusive, and it’s effective. And it doesn’t run on electricity. You can put it anywhere, and it looks nice! Plus, all you have to do to replenish the device is buy more cartridges, so that saves money. This is my favorite Febreze product of them all.

By the way, Febreze and MS&L graciously sent me this package free of charge. I didn’t get paid any money to do this post– I did this review of my own accord. All opinions are mine– I have plenty of my own opinions and don’t need to borrow anyone else’s! Thanks for reading.

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2 Responses to “A Beautiful Gift After a Tough Day”

  1. Secondary Roads Says:

    I was hooked from the moment I saw the every lovely Miss Livvy. Great shots of her today. Thanks. Midnight says, “Hey.”