A Bubble Wrap Calendar

September 29, 2008


What is it about bubble wrap?! When I get a package in the mail, the kids look at what’s come, then divebomb for the bubble wrap. It must be human nature to want to poke the bubbles and hear and feel that satisfying snap. I could do it for hours!

I saw this at someone’s blog (sorry! I forgot where! leave a comment if it was you). It’s a calendar made out of bubble wrap. You pop the day as it expires. LOL

My only problem is that I’d probably pop them all at once. There’s just something about bubble wrap, similar to a Lay’s potato chip– you can’t stop with one! You can see the calendar here.

3 Responses to “A Bubble Wrap Calendar”

  1. anajz Says:

    The person in my family that loves bubble wrap the most is my dear 89 year old mother in law. She uses it as a kind of therapy for her hands, believing it keeps her fingers agile. For Christmas one year, we gave her sheets of bubble wrap in different sizes and colors. The purple was her favorite, however she always prefers the medium to larger bubbles over the smaller.

    Hope you are feeling better!

  2. Mariz Says:

    I couldn’t get a grip of myself too when I see a bubble wrap, i love that popping sound and just wouldn’t stop bursting the bubble until the plastic is all flat… am i strange or what? hihihi šŸ™‚

    nice to be back here friend! sorry, i’ve been so busy with work lately, haven’t had much time to blog hop. today is a holiday in dubai, so i made sure i get to visit my online friends again to say hi!

    take care and best regards…

  3. Deb DiSalvo Says:

    OMG – I LOVE bubble wrap and that calendar is such a cute idea. but I’m with you, once you pop one – you can’t stop!