A Cascade Quandry and Help for Laundry

June 11, 2008


Someone recently gave me some Cascade dishwashing detergent. Problem is– I don’t own a dishwasher! I used to, years ago. Yeeeeears ago– like, 20, 25 years ago!? Why oh why did we buy a house with an old kitchen that can’t take a dishwasher?! Oh well, maybe I’ll be getting a new kitchen soon. heh 😀 When we had the old place with the dishwasher, I wouldn’t use anything but Cascade (I always used liquid instead of the tablets). I HATE pre-washing dishes and we always had to do it unless we used the Cascade. I don’t know what they put in the stuff, but it worked. It’s rated up there as #1 best detergent at Consumer Reports. It’s nice to know I like the good stuff. 😀

Well, since the Cascade was free, of course I took it! I’m an upstanding Frugal Hack and I have a reputation to maintain! Rule Number One: Never reject free stuff. Plus, like I said, I’m really really hoping that I get a new remodeled kitchen soon. The house is over 150 years old and the kitchen is AWFUL. The first big purchase we are going to make (after the cabinets) is a dishwasher. I have even shopped for one and have it all picked out and everything. 😀

OK, so I have the Cascade, but I can’t use it. The girls and I did actually try it for handwashing, just to see how it does. It gets the dishes clean, but it’s not like “regular” hand-dishwashing detergent: Cascade produces no suds. I can get hand-dishwashing detergent dirt-cheap, so I’m not going to use something as pricey and valuable as Cascade detergent for hand-washing dishes. But you know what– I tried some Cascade on a blood stain for the laundry and it took the stain right out, instantly! I was floored. I’ve tried everything on stains (except hydrochloric acid, sheesh!) with minimal success. My husband delivers newspapers and when he comes home from work, his jeans are filthy from the newsprint. The laundry detergent won’t wash it out, but the Cascade does! I was pretty shocked that Cascade could get it out, since nothing else I tried could. Pretty cool, huh? No more buying those fancy laundry-stain removers! Since I’ll be using Cascade for the dishwasher (when we get it), I’ll also use it from time to time on the kids’ stained clothing and pre-treating my husband’s jeans. That’ll save the bucks.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a name-brand shopper. I avoid them like the plaque. UNLESS they are worth it. As I get older, I am discovering that there are good reasons why some name-brands rise to the top year after year, and I am much more willing to rely on them. Cascade is one. Now fear not– I am not deviating from my frugality. If anything, this is more proof of my frugal ways! By not having to pre-wash dishes nor buy another separate product for laundry stains, I am actually saving money. Some things in life are worth spending a little extra. Why bother getting a fancy, expensive dishwasher and then throw the generic-brand junk detergent in it??

4 Responses to “A Cascade Quandry and Help for Laundry”

  1. MaryLou Says:

    Even though we have a dishwasher, it’s worth trying this out on some tough stains. I never would have thought of it! 🙂

  2. Mamaflo Says:

    Excellent Recommendation – thank you, I’ll try it!!

  3. Vixen Says:

    We have dishwasher and I never would have thought to try this as a stain remover! I can’t wait to try it. Thanks for sharing.


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