A Coffee Survey

December 23, 2008


I love surveys. I seem to have an abundance of opinions that just love to bubble up and overflow. If I can make a little bit of cash doling out my effluence of opinions, hey, all the better!

This is a coffee survey, brought to you by scenarioDNA in New York. You do the survey using your mobile phone, and you have to be between the ages of 18 and 25 years old to earn the money. Here’s how it goes:

  1. Read contest rules first. ALWAYS read contest rules before doing stuff like this!
  2. Text the word BREW to 247365.
  3. Answer ten questions about your coffee drinking. (easy!) All your information is kept confidential.
  4. Earn $5.
  5. You are entered for a chance to win an Amazon $500 gift card! (no purchase necessary to enter or win)

It’s easy! But there are a few things to know before you do it. First, READ those contest rules! Have you read them yet? Secondly, this survey is only open until December 31st (it started December 21st). And thirdly, standard text messaging rates WILL apply from your phone carrier. Read those rules for more information on it. If you have questions about the survey or the contest, you can email the sponsor at info@scenariodna.com.

I like the $500 gift card from Amazon, so I may have my 18 year-old daughter do this (alas, it may come as a shock to you, but I am over the age of 25! LOL). We are big coffee drinkers in the house. I used to drink tea, but after the birth of my second daughter– the one who never slept longer than 4 hours at a time– I got hooked on coffee. I tried Starbucks for the first time a few months ago– yum! But too expensive for my tastes. I stick to Folgers and once in a while we get “foo-foo” coffee (our word for flavored coffee).

Anyway, if you are a coffee nut and want to offer your opinions in a survey, there ya go. This survey will ask you stuff like what kind of coffee you drink, how much, etc. Have fun!


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