A Cool New Gadget Site

October 22, 2008


Wow, it’s been SO BUSY for me lately, ugh! This is the time of year when everything renews (domain names, web hosting, ISP services, online backup service, me looking for new and better blog themes, etc). Why oh why do I order things all at once, lol?! Well there is a silver lining to all the busy-ness: I found a cool new tech site! It’s Gadget Advisor. And guess what? You don’t need to be a full-fledged geek to enjoy the articles and reviews! I found a terrific post about the top extensions for Firefox (which, by the way, Firefox now working for me– I’d had problems with it hanging– so now I can enjoy all my extensions again!), and a good and comprehensive review on the Logitech universal remote, something I’ve been considering getting since our old one died.

The site is relatively new, but it’s updated just about every day and has loads of stuff already. It’s organized very, very well. I found some great articles, easily. GadgetAdvisor.com centers on the “best of the best” electronics, gadgets (of course), tech news, software, and computer stuff. I like it because it’s for the “average” computer user and not only for the geeks. The articles are well written. And I love reading reviews, so this site is going in my bookmarks. And I just LOVE the WordPress theme for the site! Now where can I get one like that!!

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