A Dragon Coupon Code Christmas

December 8, 2008


I really love this time of year. I like the snow, the colder temperatures, the smell of cinnamon and baking apple pies. I just love the month of November and December! There’s Thanksgiving (my family exchanges gifts for the holiday), and my wedding anniversary is in December, several birthdays are in December, and there’s Christmas, too. Everything is so pretty and so pristine with the snow and glistening lights.

Best of all, I love all the loot I get these months, lol! All the stores have sales and specials. I do a lot of my holiday shopping at this time, as well as my yearly birthday/anniversary/other holiday shopping, too. Some folks complain that the stores jump into the shopping season too quickly for the holidays, but I am passive about it. I actually find that it is a great time to scarf up deals. Stores are very willing to please and offer discounts and coupons. The longer, the better.

Did you see the one by Brett Bumeter that says “Do Not Use This Microphone”? LOL, that was funny. OK, so floppy headsets are out, got it. I liked the one that Drew did, because he’s a blogger, too, and he made some great points about using DNS for better blogging (and exercising more).

I think DNS would definitely help me with my blogging pursuits. It would make a perfect gift for ME (wink, wink)! In case you are wondering, with baited breath, what exactly I want this year, I decided to make a list. I call it “The Blogger’s Ultimate Dream Wish List for the Holidays.”


1. A new customized, “MINE ONLY” blog design (make that four of them, for four blogs)
2. Another mouse! (I’m a mouse freak)
3. A portable hard drive (I’m also a backup freak– I’ve filled up half a hard drive and three jump drives)
4. DRAGON NATURALLY SPEAKING!!! So cool! iwantoneiwantoneiwantone
5. A PDA or some kind of electronic organizer
6. A gift certificate to any office supply store!
7. A new file cabinet
8. New pens!!!! (to add to my collection)
9. A new kitchen (well, I have to blog about SOMETHING)
10. Oh yeah, peace on earth. All that stuff. 😉

How about you? Is there a Dragon in your future? It would make great gifts, too! I can send along my mailing address if you are interested, LOL.

Seriously, with the discounts and coupons codes, the price can’t be beat. And Dragon Naturally Speaking is a bonus for anything– whether you have a blog, give an interview, brainstorm on the subway, anything. Check out these cool links for more information and great discounts.

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