A Fiddle in Your Ear

April 28, 2009


Still hunting for that perfect Mother’s Day gift? I haven’t even bought CARDS, for pete’s sake, ugh! Well, here’s a little bug in your ear: Photofiddle.com. Heard of them? They were recently mentioned by the New York Times— and it’s a cute site! Basically what Photofiddle does is turn your uploaded photo into a “work of art” that is put on canvas or as an art print, then framed and shipped out to you. You can choose various art mediums: watercolor, oil, Pop Art style, and more. It’s very affordable and makes a really nice, ultra-personal gift, and would be perfect for those hard-to-think-of-something-creative Mothers day gifts.

Right now, Photofiddle is having a nice promotion: a $10 gift certificate you can claim by emailing mom@photofiddle.com. It’s open until May 4th. You can find more details about Photofiddle.com at their website, or follow them on Twitter (http://twitter.com/photofiddle) to keep up with other discounts and contests.

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