A Great Apartment Directory

December 24, 2009


When I was younger (this was before the Internet!), the only way I knew to look for apartments was to either go to the local Post Office in town (those gossips know about EVERYTHING), or walk down the street, looking for empty windows and asking neighbors about the empty windows. Yes, I actually DID find apartments those ways! But I’m glad times have changed. I’d really rather not have to go door-to-door anymore. :S Some of those neighbors were exactly neighborly.

But now there’s the Internet. THANK GOD! And moreover, now there’s cheap apartments, a terrific directory for finding inexpensive apartments, cheap rentals, condos, and more. It’s a lot like a real estate search directory– type in a city, state, or zip code; you can search by kind of place you’re looking for (condo, 1 bedroom, etc), by bathrooms, and general low to high price. Results show photos and prices; you can click for more information on floor plans, availability, and more. It’s a really useful tool for finding cheap rentals. And it’s MUCH better than asking the nosy postal manager or the neighbors!

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