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June 19, 2012


Hey you guys, I found a terrific new website for pet owners– it’s Pet Forums. It’s one of the few websites I’ve seen that address not only dogs and cats, but also birds, horses, and fish! I have a bird, and he is largely ignored when it comes to stuff like pet health. I honestly love all my pets, but most of the time, I am baffled with their care. How do you know if a bird is sick?! And then what do you do?! It’s bad enough when one of the dogs gets constipation or the cat starts losing his hair. Vets are SO expensive, I think it’s awful to shell out $50 for a visit only to have them tell me they don’t know what’s wrong, either, and they want me to sign away $1,500 for blood tests! Yow.

I really believe that a lot of the pet health problems (and people health problems for that matter) come from poor diet. Yes, diseases do inflict the pets, but a lot of diseases stem from insufficient nutrition and environmental factors. So I try to apply more preventative care. It was through a forum that I found out that Yorkies are very prone to constipation, and that a spoonful of canned pumpkin every day takes care of it. That’s a LOT better than a $50 vet bill plus blood tests. And my Yorkie is doing great! There are also some very good reviews on various cat foods. I’ve been wondering how the Newman’s Own cat food holds up to the other “organic” foods, and it looks like it is one of the most nutritious foods for cats.

Anyway, if you have pets and want to learn more about them, check out the forum. They even have sections discussing training, behavior, breeds, and more. If you are knowledgeable, maybe you’d consider helping us out and writing some threads with pet information. I know I’d appreciate it!

Check out the site, it’s very cool!

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