A Great Snack for a Good Cause

October 15, 2011


Yum! We love the Breakfast on the Go! snacks. I like the ones with dried fruit in them, and the kids like the ones with chocolate in them. 🙂 BkfstonGo These things are so perfect for traveling. They don’t weigh you down like heavier snacks and fast foods do, either. One of these little packets with a small jug of orange juice or cranberry juice, and I feel like a million bucks. 🙂

Now, there’s an added incentive to get them: Labels for Education. I had no idea that these little labels could add up, but they really do! Emerald Nuts has teamed up with the Labels for Education, and the labels on the Breakfast in the Go! boxes are worth 10 points, the highest points value! The labels can be collected and used toward school athletic equipment, music and art supplies, technology equipment, and even field trips! That can make all the difference to a blossoming young musician or historian. 🙂 I got the “history bug” when my 7th grade class went on a binge of field trips to historic sites.

You can read more about Labels for Education here. The Breakfast on the Go! snacks are available everywhere– even on Alice.com and Amazon.com!

As you probably well know, coupon-clipping and label collecting is BIG business. Marketers distributed 332 BILLION coupons for consumer packaged goods in 2010, up almost 7% from last year. Wow, and I don’t think that includes the online coupons, either. So while we’re all snipping away with our scissors, why not grab that Labels for Education tag and use it, as well? It can make all the difference to a kid.

And while you’re at it, try the new Breakfast on the Go! Berry Blend. OMG that stuff is sooooooo good!

Note: I received some free samples of Breakfast on the Go! snacks in exchange for discussing the Labels for Education labels on the Breakfast on the Go! boxes. My opinion is 100% honest and all mine, mine, mine. Thanks for reading!

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