A Mother’s Day Message

May 4, 2009


I have loved being a mother, just loved it. Now– getting up at 3am… the puke fests every flu season… bicycle crashes and bleeding knees…. those I have not loved so much. But I love the kids with all my heart and have been really really blessed, being a mom. The best Mother’s Day gift, to me, is the fact that I have four beautiful, precious jewels who have made me a mom! Being a mom and watching my kids grow into mature, considerate, educated adults is all the gift I’ll ever need. I’m sure you moms know exactly what I mean, too. The cards and chocolates are so nice, but it’s the kids that are everything.

And of course, moms want to give their kids everything, the very best. That includes the best kind of care, too. Do you know a young woman about to become a mother? One of the beautiful gifts could be something from Cryo-Cell U-Cord. It’s actually a really amazing thing! Cryo-Cell, in business since 1992 and one of the largest and most well-known blood-banking organizations– has a unique kit for new moms, for their babies. It’s an umbilical-cord blood harvesting kit. After the baby’s birth, a sample of the cord blood is collected and sent to the Cryo-Cell facilities. It is stored for its stem cell faculties, as stem cell research is showing that these special cells are beneficial in treating diseases. And collecting cord blood is harmless and noncontroversial. It’s fascinating.

You can read more about stem cells, stem cell research, and Cryo-Cell’s services at the Cryo-Cell U-Cord website. It’s a beautiful, heartfelt gift, and the benefits will last way longer than a dozen roses! Check out the website for more information.


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