A Pre-Winter’s Day

October 29, 2009


We’re preparing for the winter season, and it’s got me pooped already! Our windows are 100 years old (maybe older) and the thin glass just barely protects us from the frigid weather outside. Today I decided to make some makeshift storm windows for them, on the inside of the room– duct tape sheets of heavy-duty plastic to the window trim. It looks ugly, but the windows are covered by heavy drapes all winter long, so it doesn’t matter. Someday when I finally get new windows, I’ll have *real* storm windows… but for now, this is a fast and frugal fix. And we used white-colored duct tape– ooo lala, fancy! It doesn’t look too bad. But I spent the entire day cutting exact measurements of plastic, washing them and the windows, moving furniture, and taping the sheets to the windows. :sleep: I must be getting old or something, cuz I’m exhausted!

For kicks, yesterday we took a thermometer up to the girls’ room. The girls’ room faces north (brrrr), has two ENORMOUS 100 year-old windows, and the room itself is 15 x 17 feet. The only heater in the whole room is a little bitty 1 foot-by-1 foot heater vent, near their door on the other side of the room. I could throttle the jerk who planned the heating system in this house, I really could. Needless to say, the upstairs is basically unheated– all 800 square feet of it. The thermometer read 55 degrees Fahrenheit. It was 58 degrees OUTSIDE. BRRR!

Anyway, this is the long roundabout way of saying that I have nothing to blog about today because I’m too tired. LOL! Leave it to me to use up 500 words saying I have nothing to say. :brudder: I don’t even feel like dropping cards or reading my tech news… gah.

On the other hand, there’s always energy for LOLCats! :jittery: These made me laugh. I’ll share the chuckles with you. šŸ˜€ Have a great evening, all!

funny pictures of cats with captions
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funny pictures of cats with captions

And this one made me laugh for about 5 minutes!!!


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6 Responses to “A Pre-Winter’s Day”

  1. Secondary Roads Says:

    Wow! Fleas with tactical nukes? Now that’s scary!

    Sylvia and I used to tape plastic over windows in the winter. It was an old farm house, and it saved a lot on heating bills and added a lot to our comfort.

  2. Vixen Says:

    Sounds like the girls are going to need some extra blankets! The chain-mail one is hysterical.

    Go rest.

  3. Jason Says:

    This is a great blog you have here. In New York, we are preparing for Halloween only and there’s a million leaves on the ground. Anyway, I was wondering if you wanted to do a link exchange with my site. Let me know if this is possible. Jason

  4. Jan from BetterSpines Says:

    OMG! I’m shivering just reading how cold it is. The plastic on the windows sounds good. Anything you can do sounds good! What about bubble wrap?

  5. Rebecca Says:

    Secondary Roads– Yes, plastic works wonders. When I gutted the living room, I insulated it to the hilt and enveloped the inside of the studs with vapor barrier. The living room (being the only insulated room on the entire house) is the warmest room, obviously. šŸ™‚ But the aged windows are still there, so there goes a lot of the benefits of insulating. At least it’s better than nothing.

    Hi Vixen! Actually, we JUST got some blankets! Yay!

    Hi Jason! I’ll get an email off to you asap. Which, translated, means: in a week or so when I have a second to think!! šŸ˜‰ I’ll get to you. THX!

    Jan– oh yeah, bubble warp! LIke in the movie ET, or something, right? LOL I have a feeling my neighbors wouldn’t like my home encapsulated with bubble wrap, altho I’ll bet it would eliminate our heating bills…

  6. Isolated Existence Says:

    I remember I had to cover my windows in the apartment before this one. Here I have to open the windows!

    Thanks for the laugh I needed it. I love the one with the fleas, lol.