A Preview of “Secrets of the Mountain” and My Contest

April 12, 2010

Family, Fun

FINALLY! Have I ever told you I just love the words “family-friendly”?!

We like to eat dinner together, and watch a movie together, most of the time. Usually the films are documentaries (like The Case for Christ) but the kids sometimes want an action movie (and we’ve already seen The Incredibles a billion times). It’s been tough to locate “family-friendly” movies that don’t make you cringe or aren’t full of filthy language.

I am pleased to announce the comeback of family-friendly movies! Yay! This one is called “Secrets of the Mountain.” It’s a made-for-TV feature movie brought to you by Walmart and Proctor&Gamble. This film was made specifically BECAUSE Americans are demanding BETTER movies that the entire family can enjoy! Yay!!! See, your letters and concerns are being heard! This is a tremendous win for moms and dads who are demanding quality, family-friendly movies to watch with the kids. The movie is airing on NBC on Friday, April 16th and 8/7c.

Secrets of the Mountain

I saw a special sneak preview clip of Secrets of the Mountain and it looks really, really good! I love these kinds of movies. It reminds me of a cross between Heartstrings, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and National Treasure 2. I was surprised that I enjoyed the trailer so much– I am looking forward to the movie now! It’s being touted as a “family-friendly” action thriller (my favorites kinds of movies!). It’s looks very, very well done. And you can win a FREE DVD set, too! I’m having a contest– keep reading!

The plot of Secrets of the Mountain is basically this:

Single mom Dana is overwhelmed by her career and her children’s constant arguing. She decides to drag them all to a mountain cabin that she inherited from an uncle. There they discover that there’s way more to this little cabin– there’s an ancient secret somewhere on the property that draws the family in– and the Bad Guys out– with a lot of suspenseful twists and turns.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Now doesn’t the movie look amazing?! I’m pretty impressed!

The movie is airing on NBC on Friday, April 16th and 8/7c. Don’t miss this! Better yet, get the DVD! Do you want one! I can get you one for free. I haz connections, ya know. :shades:

Win a free Secrets of the Mountain DVD Set!

You can win the Full Movie version on DVD with the soundtrack! I like my contests EASY. So here is how you can win it. You can do one or all of the following for one entry each:

  • For one entry: Post a comment on this post. It does not need to be extensive! Just a β€œI want to win!” is great.
  • For one entry: Subscribe to my RSS Feed. If you already subscribe, leave a comment letting me know. Your comment is your entry.
  • For one entry: Subscribe to my Email RSS Feed. If you already subscribe, leave a comment letting me know. Your comment is your entry.
  • IMPORTANT!!! You MUST leave separate comments for EVERY entry. So if you make three entries by doing #1, #2, and #3, leave THREE separate comments saying so.
  • I will oversee the choosing of a random winner, chosen and monitored by an independent panel (that is, my kids, who pull a name out of a hat). I will notify the winner via email.
  • Be sure to leave your email in the appropriate comment form when you leave a comment. I DO NOT advise you to put your email address in the comment box itself– spammers may grab it.
  • I will NEVER spam your email.
  • The winner of the FREE Secrets of the Mountain DVD Set will have to submit his/her name, mailing address, and phone number to me. I will forward this information on to the company, who will mail out your prize to you directly.
  • The contest will end April 18th, 2010, at midnight. I will email the winner!!

I think this is a great deal. The movie looks so good; they’ve really done a phenomenal (and family-friendly) job with it.

Moreover, the DVD set has a special disk devoted to detailing the “behind the scenes” moments. I love these special disks. As a young person, I had studied drama and was interested in getting into filmmaking; and although I didn’t follow through with it as a career choice, I do still like the aspects behind making movies. The special disk has interviews with the actors and film crew– including a nice feature about the making of the soundtrack (produced by Randy Jackson), and a segment about the importance of the aspect of “family” as central to the plot of the story. This section has poignant snippets by the actors and cast about their own special “family moments”; some of them are very touching. It’s all very well done.

I hope you love the movie! And I hope you enter my contest!

Remember, I’m a pro-blogger and I am sometimes compensated with stuff or money to review or mention products or services! I received a DVD movie preview, a nice popcorn tin, and some popcorn from the advertising firm for Walmart ad P&G, for mentioning this NBC movie. I will also receive my OWN DVD of the movie after my contest is over. That’s cool, because I want the DVD something fierce! πŸ˜€ You can read more about my blog policy on my My Pledge page.

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25 Responses to “A Preview of “Secrets of the Mountain” and My Contest”

  1. Renee Says:

    This sounds really interesting! Count me in!

  2. Renee Says:

    I already subscribe to your posts via email.

  3. Renee Says:

    I just subscribed to your RSS feed. (I can’t possibly miss anything you write now! I also follow your blog and see your latest posts on my blogger dashboard!) πŸ™‚

  4. Lynn Says:

    I would like to win!:)

  5. Cierra Says:

    Well, winning WOULD be pretty awesome… πŸ™‚

  6. Chris@Knucklehead! Says:

    Found you over at Tribal Blogs. Great stuff, and I agree that the term “family friendly” varies depending upon the family you’re talking about. One man’s “Godfather Part II” is another man’s “Toy Story”. It’s good to know there’s stuff out there for everyone.

    Take care, and I hope to see you around!

    Chris aka “Knucklehead”

  7. Carole Says:

    Wow, I just saw an ad for this movie somewhere today and it had caught my eye and looked interesting…after reading your post I am also really interested to see this movie! So glad to hear that networks are finally getting the message that we want programming we can watch with our kids!!

  8. Carole Says:

    I just subscribed to your RSS feed (I can’t believe I never subscribed before now…I’m just in the habit of coming by to visit each day I guess πŸ™‚

  9. Karen Says:

    I think we would love this movie!

  10. Karen Says:

    I subscribe to your blog through email subscription.

  11. megscole64 Says:

    How wonderful! I definitely think we need this movie. I want to be restrictive in what Marshal watches. Even some cartoons aren’t appropriate! πŸ™‚

  12. megscole64 Says:

    Oh and I subscribe through e-mail. =)

  13. Pat Says:

    This is the first blog contest I have ever entered, and I want to win! πŸ™‚

  14. Pat Says:

    I subscribed to this site via a reader although I do not use it (I have you on my Delicious list). I recently changed to Firefox from IE, and somehow I just can’t get use to bookmarks on Firefox.

    Anyway, this is entry #2!

  15. Pat Says:

    Contest entry #3
    I also subscribed to emails of this blog. When I enter a contest, I really enter it! πŸ™‚

  16. The Other Alice Says:

    Lol. Did anybody else notice that everything is WalMart brand?

  17. Jay Says:

    WOW! I want to win! Count me in!

  18. Jay Says:

    I suscribed to your RSS feed!

  19. Jay Says:

    I also signed up for your RSS feed via email! πŸ˜€

  20. Karin Says:

    I’d love to be entered..thanks!

  21. Miss Szymanski Says:

    Hey, count me in! πŸ˜‰ Sounds like a great film.

  22. Miss Szymanski Says:

    I just subscribed to your RSS feed, too.


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