A Review of Dermalastyl Anti-Aging Skin Cream

December 9, 2008


I don’t feel old. I don’t look terribly old, either. But I’ve reached my 40s, and everything seems to be going downhill from here, lol. I actually have good genes when it comes to wrinkles– my wrinkles are very fine lines and are not evident unless I really scrunch my face. But because I am starting to notice some signs of aging (and it ain’t just my skin!), I’m really trying to take better care of myself. (Please don’t ask me about how much gray hair I have, though! lol!)

A few weeks ago, I blogged about this skin cream called Dermalastyl. It made some pretty amazing claims, that a lady using this cream twice a day would see a difference in her skin in about 30 days. I’ve been trying it for about two weeks, and here’s what I have found about Dermalastyl.

It’s very creamy and smooth.
Dermalastyl has this stuff called “Elastatropin®” which is a patented natural tropoelastin. Wikipedia says that tropoelastin “confers strength and elasticity to the skin and other organs in the body. A synthetic form of human tropoelastin is made… for use in wound healing and topical skin care.” Dermalastyl says that their Elastatropin is a souped-up elastin element, providing over 600 amino acids, where other skin cream products (with boring old peptides and collagen) have only 6 amino acids. I can definitely see the difference between Dermalastyl and another skin lotion I’ve been using (St. Ives with elastin and collagen). There is really no comparison– Dermalastyl is way, waaaay better.

It has a strange scent to it.
I’m touchy about smells. Dermalastyl does have a tiny odor to it. I can’t place it, I don’t think I’ve ever smelled it before. It’s a slightly elasticky smell (maybe from all those amino acids??). The other family members think I’m nuts with smelling odors– I can smell a cigarette smoker a block away! So I don’t know if the “average” nose can smell what I smell. I use Dermalastyl under my makeup, which has a fragrance, too, and I don’t smell the cream then.

I have seen a slight difference in two weeks.
OK, it’s nothing earth shattering. Like I said, Dermalastyl says use it for 30 days… I intend on continuing to use the cream (I need all the help I can get, iykwim). But my baggy eyes are a little less baggy. And MAN when I look at myself I see my grandmother so much. It’s kinda weird.

It’s expensive.
Beauty may be only skin deep, but you need deep pockets for beauty. Of course, one jar of this stuff can last a long, long time. I have a tiny little jar of 0.25 ounces and have only used 1/4 so far. But consistency is the key (isn’t it with everything?), so I think to see real results you really need to be consistent with the application. It just depends on your budget, and how desperate you are not to look like an old hag. Me, not deperate yet… probably in about 5 years at the rate things are going, lol!
So it might be worth your while, ladies. I did see a difference, and I’m going to keep using it. And it’s the holidays, you know, gift-giving time– maybe you can drop a few hints or send this post to your loved one with a *wink wink* attached. This stuff would make a great gift.

You can research more about Dermalastyl at their website. They have loads of scientific information, clinical studies, FAQs, and etc.



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4 Responses to “A Review of Dermalastyl Anti-Aging Skin Cream”

  1. Belisi Rx Says:

    Yeah, I don’t mind paying a little more if the product actually gets the job done.

  2. Heather in Beautiful BC Says:

    Great post Mrs M! Congratulations on your years supply 🙂 Hope you’ll give us before and after photos.

  3. niko Says:

    Congrats to you dear for winning!!!

    You deserve it coz you write the review very very well!!

    Congrats once again. And yeah.. show us the before and after photos after 30 days or after a year maybe?! hehe

    Take care!

  4. Lynette Plumer Says:

    This post is helpful for me to know the exact product.