A Review of Febreze Refresher Decor

August 25, 2008


I remember when Febreze first came out. It was amazing! Before, the only real recourse for removing odors from fabrics and furniture was to douse the thing in baking soda and water. And HOPEFULLY the stink would leave. I don’t know about you, but I am a frugal shopper. That means, I buy used furniture! Our “pre-owned” couch, which is beautiful and in perfect condition, stunk like the Dickens of cigarrette smoke. Unbearable. We spent the early part of the summer doing things the old way– I doused the couch with baking soda and we let it sit outside for a few days. Then we vacuumed and vacuumed. All our efforts did very little. I bought an industrial-size bottle of Febreze and used it all up on the thing. The couch now sits in our living room, and doesn’t smell like an ashtray. But every once in a while, that nasty stench rises up on humid days, so we break out the industrial-sized bottle of Febreze and squirt the couch again. But really, I hate lugging the bottle out to the living room, so I tend to just leave it there, but it does look awful. Tell me, doesn’t that big blue bottle look a little out of place on the coffee table?!


Yeah, I think so, too.

But see that little bottle of liquid neat to it? That’s my latest “bright idea.” 😀 That’s Febreze, too. It’s the new Febreze Refresher “Decor Collection” and they made it to look inconspicuous, like a vase, for those moments of little stinky “indiscretions.” I LOVE this stuff! It’s not too expensive, either– they come in 3-packs (8 oz. each bottle) for a little less than $10. I keep mine in my living room and in the bedroom (when the humidity rises, the carpet by the window smells like an old dog). A few quick squirts, and the furniture and room smells heavenly. I have lavender and vanilla, and it is glorious! My husband, who is averse to the heavy “air freshener” gadgets, does not mind my Febreze fix. I have sprayed some on my couch (again) and living room chair, and the scent is wonderful. Even with the windows open, the scent remains. It’s a light scent; I like it. It doesn’t burn my throat and nose like Lysol does, either.

So this new Febreze Refresher Decor Collection gets a thumbs up from me! It’s not expensive, it’s way better than the big blue Febreze bottle, and it leaves a nice, light scent on the fabrics and in the air. It’s also very nice to have in the room for a quick squirt before company arrives.

P.S. This is not a paid post!!


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