A Sign of the Times

May 5, 2008


I’ve been reading news about gas and food prices and am just getting madder and madder. The really lousy thing about this all is that I think it’s been avoidable. Governments are too big, they cater to special interests groups, they make their deals, and we the people are shafted. High gas prices are tough, but you can live without gasoline (like, getting a horse, lol). But everyone NEEDS food. Food prices are too high, thanks to idiots who legislated the ethanol crock. And my heart is bleeding for people in countries like the Philippines, where they are having a rice shortage. It’s like a giant jigsaw puzzle and all the pieces are fitting together. Yes, I believe in a conspiracy!

So what are people to do? What else, go deeper in debt! :-p That stinks. We have a lot of consumer debt because of various hard economic times, and have been scrambling to pay it off. I now work at home (blogging) so I am thankful I can help with the bills. But we still have to shop around for credit card reviews to find the best rates. The site is great because you can just look around and see what other companies are offering. In the past, we have always waited for all the junk mail credit card offers to come in. Now, I can check online!

Debt is very painful, though. I fully intend to pay it off! How about you? How are you coping with the price rises and credit debt? <

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