A TV Widget?!

January 27, 2009


Wow, widgets are really coming into their own, eh? I’m talking about widgets for blogs and websites. And widgets for girls… well… that goes without saying! I think there are more women bloggers than men, isn’t that so? That just may be that women have more prolonged access to home computers, maybe? But it seems that something like 80% of the bloggers I know (and I know a few thousand) are women.

So it figures that moe and more widgets are attuned to women’s sites and interests. Here’s a cool widget for the woman-blog: The Amy Poehler CozmoTV widget. It’s a customizable widget that you can fit in your blog’s sidebar, and it gives yor readers sneak previews of the show and other visual perks (like videos, other channels, etc). Get your own widget here. This is what the widget looks like:

The Talk Show is for young ladies (pre-teens seems to be the target audience) and features interviews, dance routines, other expressive art, and more. The widget is a way of social networking amongst this audience. I know a few young lady bloggers who would love this Amy Poehler widget and who would love to share it with readers! The widget can be embedded on blogs, Myspace, or Facebook pages. And it’s a great way to get visitors to linger a little longer at your site. šŸ˜‰

I noticed that the widget also has a very cool Gallery feature (Gallery >> Related Videos), with channels to other things like Animal Planet, Book Videos.tv, C|Net Tv, and more! Cool! Check it out!


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