Amazing Gadgets

November 5, 2008


I found some photos of really cool gadgets. Gadgets amaze me because they are so organized. I just love organization. Some of these gadgets are kind of neat and are definitely innovative.

Not much room in your living room? Buy stackable furniture! I could have used this when I lived in my tiny apartment…

untitled 3

This is neat, too. I wonder how fresh it keeps the food? It would keep flies away.

In the “olden” days, there was a similar kind of invention– it was half-dome of wire screening with a cabinet handle on top. It fit perfectly over plates and bowls. I’d like to find some. Come to think of it, they probably wouldn’t be too hard to build.

untitled 12

I did a quick search and found a very large one, only $5!


How about this next gadget, can you tell what it is? It’s a robotic gutter cleaner! It can rake through a 60-foot stretch of gutter in ten minutes.


I’m not much of a toast person, and I hate cleaning the toaster. How about something like this? Hmm, come to think of it, where would all the crumbs go? Probably right onto the counter as the toast slides through the roller. And how fast would this gadget toast the bread? Because by the time the end of the slice was toasted, the beginning side of the slice would be cold already. What do you think?


Here’s another toaster. This gadget is cool-looking, but it would be IMPOSSIBLE to keep clean! I think for a gadget to be realy useful, it also has to be practical. But it’s an interesting conversation piece, it looks like something you’d bring home from one of the gift shops after one of the Disney vacations.


This I LOVE. I sometimes use a vinyl tablecloth, and hot pots placed on it burn the plastic. Pot holders are so tacky. These are neat!

I also love these. I don’t like those kind of backless slippers, but I love the light on them. This is a terrific idea for slippers! No more tripping over those nasty little Legos all over the floor!

untitled 11

These are cell phone holders. I love organization. These are cool!

untitled 1

And finally, this is a really neat gadget that I saw at a store and bought. I love it!! It makes any lamp a touch lamp. Since I use a lamp in the bathroom (no electricity in there yet), I have one of these Touch&Glow things set up. You lightly touch the gold disk and the light turns on. No fumbling with the lamp switch with wet hands or in the dark.


Photo of mesh food cover courtesy of Camping World. Some photos found at WorldwideTravel Blog. Gutter robot from ABCNews.go. Weird toasters from the TecheBlog.

EDIT: So many people have been asking where to find these gadgets! I wish I knew exactly– I got some of these photos from another website,  and he said they were from Germany. I did try to link to the gadgets I knew about (see the paragraph above this one for links to those sites). As for the cell phone holders, one person told me they found them on eBay. A search for “cell phone holders” might give you some success.


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39 Responses to “Amazing Gadgets”

  1. La Pensive Says:

    Simply loved this post!! Great gadgets…keep it up!

  2. Kathy Says:

    Hi Rebecca! Can you tell me where those cell phone holders that attach to a wall outlet are…or what they are called? I absolutely NEED a few of those! You captured my gadgetty-geeky heart with this post. Thanks!

  3. vulcanhammer Says:

    Oh man, these gadgets ROCK! You just solved some of my Christmas shopping. Thanks for posting this.

  4. Readermom Says:

    I tried to find a couple of these things but had no luck. Could you put up some links?

  5. Cheryl Says:

    These cell phone holders are great. Where did you find them? Thanks.

  6. Jazzy Says:

    I lovr this post, and i need those pot holders immediately.

  7. Scott Mortimer Says:

    i am not much into organization, but i must admit, you’ve made a fan out of me.
    would you please let me know where i could find the cell phone organizer? what a terrific xmas gift.
    thanks, i stumbled upon your site and will check it frequently.
    scott mortimer

  8. The Seeker Says:

    I LOVE the chairs! Very cool.

  9. Courtney Says:

    These are great! I wanted to go see how much some of these were to see if they were plausible Christmas presents. Do you have brand names or links or anything to help us find these? Thanks!

  10. Courtney Says:

    Edit: Nevermind! There they are at the bottom! Are most from the Worldwide Travel Blog!

  11. ronald lewis Says:

    love these products but you should also check out some other other really cool gadgets & gag gifts available on or

  12. Sara Says:

    Where did you find the cell phone organizer? I would love to get one!!!

  13. Anthony Ramirez Says:

    I need the furniture link. The others are a great gift and ….well just thanks.

  14. Doris Says:

    I also would love to know where to purchase the cell phone holder gadget. This would not only work for my phone, but also for charging my Bluetooth and my hand-held can opener. Perfect!

  15. sarah Says:

    i wish you would have put up the websites that you found these inventions on so that we could check out how to get them!

  16. Marc M Says:

    Cool blog. I particularly liked the stackable furniture and the slippers with the lights.

  17. Angie Says:

    Here’s a link to the furniture:

  18. Emily Says:

    Here are some sources for the cell phone holders:

  19. ser Says:


  20. Maya Says:

    You can find the “HotMan Trivet” on Amazon – it’s awesome!

  21. Aaron Says:

    nice really nice gadgets

  22. Jenny Cares Says:

    TickleMe Plant folds its leaves neatly when it is tickled or time to go to bed.
    How cool is that. In fact I know grow these in my house.

  23. customer Says:

    Hey there I thought the robot gutter cleaner would be a great christmas present! How much is it and where are they sold?

  24. Hyrum Says:

    The second one looks to much like one of those little bugs that curl up when you touch them.

  25. shoppingbea Says:

    I saw the cell phone holders at The Container Store.

  26. brianperry0067 Says:


  27. Tracy Says:

    How do you purchase some of these awesome things?

  28. Seveena Says:

    found the hotman holder and ive bought one looks great!

  29. dionaharris Says:

    i like the cell phone holder as well! very organized and neat!

  30. georgiana Says:

    love the gadgets! you can find the cell phone holders at Bed Bath & beyond for about $7 a piece, that’s where i got mine! 🙂

  31. cory Says:

    i like the cell holders the best because my bro always takes it off the

    charger. so thats why i like the cell holder.

  32. Carrie Says:

    Here is a link to a site that has the cell phone holder

  33. Mattress Says:

    Funky furniture I see. I like a lot =)

  34. kimmie Says:

    hi! we have the cell phone holders in our retail store/gallery. they are called ‘driin’ cell phone holders and we have them in all three colors. we use to have the hotman trivet as well, but sold them all! check out our puzzle piece trivets too… you can take them apart and use them as coasters!

  35. Marie Says:

    I found the cell phone holders at this website!

    sadly, they are sold out ):

  36. Michael Says:

    Love this post.


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