An Intriguing Facial Recognition Quiz

September 29, 2009


The BBC has an interesting quiz, the Face Memory Test. It tests your facial recognition skills– how well do you remember a face?

I am very good at remembering faces, but not usually names. I almost *always* blitz a person’s name out of my head during introductions. I just hate that. I have to work very hard at remembering. I’m better with written things, I think.

Well anyway, I guess I am pretty good at faces! I got a 100% for facial recognition.

The quiz is in three parts, and takes about 15-20 minutes.

There’s also a test I want to try, called Sheep Dash. You take the first test without having had coffee or tea, and then you take the test again after drinking. Hee hee! I wonder if coffee would really make much a difference? I’ll have to try it and see!

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2 Responses to “An Intriguing Facial Recognition Quiz”

  1. The BoBo Says:

    That was pretty cool. I scored a 100% in recognition and 95% in temporal. I said someone in group 2 was in group 1. Only missed one.

    Funny thing is – I have a really great memory for faces and names. In my travels throughout the years I have come across childhood friends and I recognized them as adults – and remembered their names. Same thing for old co-workers. It drives my wife crazy when we’re out somewhere and I say – hay – I know him/her. I used to work/go to school/grew up with… It usually shocks the other person when I reintroduce myself and they can’t picture me. LOL. I let them hang for a while.

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