And You Thought YOU Were Good at Ping Pong

December 30, 2008


I have no idea where I found this video…. lol. BUT I LOVE IT! It’s Bruce Lee playing Ping Pong. HIS way of playing Ping Pong. Lee, with his usual panache, makes Ping Pong a stylish, artful choreography. Go, Lee, Go! Stunning!

For you newbies to this blog, I am a Bruce Lee/Chuck Norris fan. I LOVE those guys. When I am “in the mood” for a good movie, Walker, Texas Ranger or Delta Force is IT for me! lol! I do love Chuck Norris. Way cool.

One Response to “And You Thought YOU Were Good at Ping Pong”

  1. eam Says:

    LOL! I’m glad to hear somebody’s standing up and affirming she is a Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris’ fan! I like Bruce Lee, don’t know about Chuck Norris BUT my mom is a huge fan of both and is not shy to admit either! She’ll enjoy this video… Thanks! šŸ™‚