Android for Straight Talk!

September 24, 2011


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

How much do you pay for cell phone service, if you don’t mind disclosing. I’m on one of the “big box” major cell phone carriers, and I pay about $85 a month, for two lines (one of the phones uses heavy text, another heavy data). Of course, my bill would be about $15 to $20 less if the taxes around here weren’t so high…

Still, a big bill is a big bill… it just blows my mind that the major carriers are SO costly. For what?! Is their service somehow better? I don’t think so. I got the service mostly because I love the smartphone… but then I saw this video and my jaw dropped to the floor. Did you know that you can get Android on Straight Talk??? This is amazing!

I just love that “swipe texting” feature! I have never seen an Android phone– I’m sold, Hook, line and sinker!

So…. WHY am I paying twice as much for the “big box” carriers? :S StraightTalk has terrific smartphones! And they have outstanding plans, too—

There’s the “beefy” plan with unlimited everything (text, phone calls, data) for $45 a month!!! I pay twice that much for a tiny, limited plan with the “big box” carriers.

Then there’s the “all you need” plan– 1,000 minutes, texts and 30MB of data. Wow!

Of course, 411 calls cost nothing extra, and there’s a long distance rate that is very flexible (and pre-paid so you don’t Call a friend and accidentally go over, ouch).

The phones really shine, though– models from Samsung (I think they have the best ringtones), LG, Nokia, Motorola and Kyocera. The phones can do anything– videos, web browsing, texting, and the Android one has apps! Very cool.

As much as I like my iPhone, I’ll probably ditch it when my contract expires. It’s just very expensive. And now that Straight Talk has phones with apps, the switch will be easy.

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