May 10, 2012


Can I just go back to bed now? Please? All day?


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  1. Carole Says:

    Rut roh!!!!! Oh, I hope whatever it is that’s making you want to go back to bed is magically resolved soon! Maybe a quick walk outside in the fresh air, or a little powernap and things won’t seem so bad? Or it will be easier to see a solution? :-/ Saying a prayer for ya now! ((((HUGS))))

    • Rebecca Says:

      :luvs: Thanks for praying. I’m just so tired of paperwork. Boy. it’s been a weird few months! I’ve had to fill endless applications for endless things for weeks now….. yeah, a nice drive in the country would be cool. It’s raining and cold, so no walk for me today.

      Thanks for your encouragement. šŸ™‚