Babies Cost the Big Bucks?

November 8, 2010


Well, teenagers do, too… the amount of money I spend on teens for their food equals the amount of money I spent on diapers and baby gear, I think….

No matter how you look at it, Having kids costs money. However, it’s worth it all. 😀

Yet I do take issue (haha, get it? issue is an archaic term for offspring, lol) with those “news” stories that detailed how one child can cost parents upwards of $150,000 the first 18 years (or whatever amount of money they stated). Kids don’t have to be THAT expensive, especially when you don’t buy everything brand new (hand me downs and thrifts stores are terrific for that) or when you can get such great prices on new stuff like baby cribs online.

You do not need to be rich to have children. And kids don’t need EVERYTHING nor should it be gold-plated, either! It’s easy to make do. Shop around.

Just another frugal tip from the Freaky Frugalite. 😀 You’re welcome. :mrgreen:

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