Back By Popular Demand: Destroy Your Enemy With Nerf

June 21, 2009

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This older post of mine has been getting some attention in the search engines. Maybe people are looking for this cool game because it is a summertime activity. It’s one of my favorite product reviews, and since it’s an older one that some of you may have missed, I thought I’d be lazy and not write a new post republish it for all you to enjoy. 😀

It’s tough finding suitable toys for boys these days. Everything seems geared toward electronic gadgets or Legos. My sons have a ton of Legos already, so they spend a lot of time sitting around. I wanted to get something more interactive– with humans involved– for my son’s birthday. My husband and I found this game while scouring the shelves at Toys R Us. We looked at it, then looked at each other.

SOLD for $25! A bit on the pricey side for me, but– hey– it’s the kid’s birthday.

It’s Nerf, so it’s Jimmy Carter-approved (won’t hurt anyone). It comes with two soft-side Velcro vests, two blasters with 6 Nerf darts each, and two “cool cat” sunglasses (for eye protection). The vest belts are hefty– they even fit my 18-year old, 5’9″ daughter (who, by the way, loves this toy, too). My husband was concerned that 6 darts per boy wouldn’t be enough. We’ve lost a few rockets and balls up in our Nerf-eating trees. We considered the additional purchase of a package of replacement darts, 50 in a pack– but they were $10! We figured we’d skip the extra darts; and if the boys lose them, well, they can buy the replacements themselves if so inclined. But it’s nice to know there are backup replacements in case we need any. 😀 Good planning, Nerf guys.

As soon as my son ripped open the birthday wrapping paper, he flipped when he saw this. Both boys strapped on the vests and tore outside to destroy each other. Heh.

I did wonder if the darts would shoot straight and true. When I had Nerf toys as a kid, the darts flopped around like peeled bananas. Not these! Modern Nerf technology has been applied to make these darts lethal killers.

So the Nerf Dart Tag game gets a thumbs up from this family. It’s a great game to get the kids away from the electronic gadgets, outside in the fresh air, and chasing each other. While mother sips her coffee in peace. Ahhh.

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4 Responses to “Back By Popular Demand: Destroy Your Enemy With Nerf”

  1. Mason Says:

    I remember years ago a comedian saying the whole world should be made of nerf! This cracked me up and I have not forgotten that idea. Imagine, houses, cars, everything, nerf! Cool! And safe!

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Hey, Mason! It’s great to get a comment from you. I watch your videos from time to time. 😉

    Yeah, I think the Nerf idea is a good one. I would just LOVE to drive in a Nerf car and cook with Nerf cookware. Go Nerf!

  3. Karen Says:

    My daughter and her Coast Guard buddies love playing with these! Silly twenty year olds. LOL

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