Back from the Big Apple, and What a Mouthful After 22 Years!

July 1, 2010

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I’m back! I’m back!! What on earth was I doing down there?!? Well, I went to a special screening of The Jensen Project. It was cool! Remember Secrets of the Mountain? It was that TV movie that was crafted especially as a family-friendly flick, after studies showed that moms want BETTER, more WHOLESOME television shows (but we knew that without a poll, didn’t we, gals?). Walmart and P&G combined their money and influence to make such movies. Secrets of the Mountain was wildly successful, with more than 7 million households tuning in. And my kids really loved it. So Walmart and P&G have made another family-friendly movie. This time it’s a science fiction thriller, starring Kellie Martin, LeVar Burton, Patricia Richardson, and David Andrews. And Justin Kelly is a really adorable Brody. I can’t spill the beans TOO much, but the movie is kind of like The Incredibles and 24 mixed together and packaged for young teens and parents. I’ll have more on it all later.

P&G sponsored my trip to New York to see the screening. It was a really, really nice trip. And it was so great to be in New York again. I lived there, long ago. OMG it has been 22 YEARS since I have stepped foot there. Whoa. A lot has changed. For one, there are no more Twin Towers. šŸ™ That was a rather big shocker.

There is a lot more security than there was two decades ago. These things were everywhere:


Another thing I really noticed about New York is that the place is much friendlier than I remember it in the 80s. I thought I heard a few people mumble “Excuse me,” as the alternating tides of humanity skittered every which way across the streets. šŸ™‚ Or, perhaps the friendliness was merely a perception. When I was last in New York City, I was a scared 18-year old drama student. I’d heard of “all the bad things” that happen in New York, and so I purposely packed lightly, walked quickly, and kept my eyes demurely fixed on the sidewalks.

Well, 22 years later, I ain’t scared o’ nobody. Any mugger tries to accost me, I’ll whap the whippersnapper across the head with my 50-pound purse, Ruth Buzzi style. So I took my time (what I could) and even smiled at people (well, here in New York, nobody SMILES– we just “unfrown”), and–sheesh– with my new-found freedom that only age can bring, I merrily skipped across the streets. Well, ok, NO, I didn’t skip. Not exactly. I RAN. Those green lights are mighty short, especially when you are carrying a 50-pound backpack and need to get to your departing train FAST, haha. Not to mention that you are struggling against a linebacker-sized group of people, many of whom are two times larger then you, teetering on high heels and smelling like Chanel No. 5…. And that’s both the men AND women alike, btw. :holycow:


I stayed in Soho, which is a really nice area. I walked and walked for hours, took the subway (what a blast), went to the Empire State Building and failed the metal detector and caused a bit of a flurry (wow, those security guys sure take their jobs seriously, jeepers!!). And I found THIS at Central Park!!!


I will be hanging that over our new “beverage center” in our new kitchen. :mrgreen:

Anyway, I’ll have all the gory travel details about the trip on my travel blogs, New York and New York Traveler @ Blogger. And I’ll be posting lots of “human interest” stories here. Whew, what a whirlwind trip. I love New York, and can’t wait to go again!!! You hear that, P&G!?? šŸ˜‰

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8 Responses to “Back from the Big Apple, and What a Mouthful After 22 Years!”

  1. hideawayhill Says:

    I grew up just north of the city and I really have no desire to go back at all. I have visited a couple of times since I moved north while my parents were still there, but it’s been probably 15 years for me too. I just love being in the country.

    You really scored on your sign! I LOVE it!!

  2. Lin Says:

    Oh, I LOVE NYC!! I went there a few years ago and found it to be really friendly too. But, I just thought that it was me because I live in Chicago and am used to the crowd atmosphere. LOVE the sign–can’t wait to see it up in the new kitchen. šŸ™‚

  3. Janiss Says:

    New York is my all-time favorite city! It sounds like you had a lot of fun on your trip – can’t wait to see more!

  4. Carole Says:

    Sounds like you had a great time! Love that sign – what a nice souvenir for your new kitchen. šŸ™‚ We go to NYC a couple of times a year and yeah, I agree, the people really are generally pretty nice and friendly. And yeah, they sure do come in all shapes, sizes and attire! LOL!

  5. Marie Says:

    I grew up in the city and nearly threw myself off a cliff when my parents moved us to the wilds of NJ when I was a teenager.

    Moved back there when I got married and then we up and did just what my parents did. Only the boys were toddlers and we moved to the shore. My kids loved growing up where they did, thank goodness.

    But I will love NYC till the day I die. I never get tired of going in. I worked there a few years ago and even though the commute was a nightmare, I was always thrilled to set foot on the streets.

    I’m so glad you had a great trip. I’m going to BlogHer in August and can’t wait. Four days in the city!!

  6. Rebecca Says:

    There was another sign I LOVED but didn’t get:

    “I child-proofed my home, but they still get in!”

    ROFL. Love that one. But I didn’t want to have to carry a billion bags, walking around NYC. I wish there were public lockers or something. My feet still hurt after all that walking and carrying around my stuff!


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