Bad Night For Leaving Comments

October 5, 2012


Well I know when it’s time to quit. I haven’t visited blogs much all week so I thought I’d cram all the visiting in tonight. For some reason, every single time I wrote a comment on a blog, the blog either crashed, the comment system crashed, or the comment just never went through. And in one weird episode, my mobile phone keyboard wouldn’t show any letters when I pressed the keyboard.

Huh. :meh: I wonder if the mobile phone problem is *another* Google-vs-Apple war. In case you haven’t heard, Google and Apple are yanking each others apps from the app stores and now I’m having trouble with YouTube, Blogger and Google Maps on the iPhone. There are alternatives so it’s not a big deal, but it’s weird that two major companies are acting like kindergardners throwing sand at each other! LOL.

Well, I did try to leave comments. I’ll try again tomorrow, perhaps.

I saw this at LOL Cats and it made me crack up for, like, 15 minutes. I don’t know if it’s the head cold or it REALLY is that funny, you tell me.



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4 Responses to “Bad Night For Leaving Comments”

  1. Chuck Says:

    The picture isn’t all that great, but the caption is very funny.

  2. lin Says:

    I usually just give up at that point. Best to turn the computer off than to waste time, you know?

  3. blueyes Says:

    Well, now I know one of them was mine and I’m still working on trying to find the error lol

    So far I’ve replaced the single post and comments page and neither were the culprits. This is going to drive me up the wall trying to find the dang error :/ I know it had to have recently happened too because I had one post with 2 comments I believe if I remember correctly.