Bad Time Tonight

May 15, 2008


I’ve finally felt like leaving comments on blogs tonight, but something screwy is going on with the Internet tonight?! I’ve been getting “page not loading” error messages for every blog I try to comment on. It may be a Blogger issue, because I’ve only tried to comment on Blogger blogs, and the pages never load. What the heck is going on?! Plus, my other three blogs (New York, Renovator, etc) were down for over an hour [delete nasty words] today, thanks to ANOTHER Bluehost problem. ARGHHHHHHHH! I have been plagued with problems on Bluehost, with everything from “CPU exceeded” errors, MySQL database errors, server problems, and etc. I joined them because everyone and their mother gushed about how wonderful they are. Folks, Bluehost STINKS. I am not a little peeved about all the raves given me about them. Sigh. I’ve been with them for only three months and have had well over a dozen problems with them already.

Enough ranting. I’ll be back with fun stuff later. I have my first day at the new gym tomorrow, and meet the coach who will help me begin my road to recovery (back injury leaves me bedridden sometimes). I’m determined to never take pain medication and those nasty mind-altering drugs like Vicodin again. I’m a little nervous about the gym, but I know it’s for the best. More on that later.


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3 Responses to “Bad Time Tonight”


    My site was down for 6 hours today because of BlueHost. Half way through got a notice that they had a problem with their box. Very Frustrating.

  2. Lynne Says:

    I had a lot of blogger sites not opening all day yesterday. I’ve been with bluehost since last July and have only had one major problem which they took care of right away when I called them on the phone. Sorry to hear you’re having all these problems, that does stink.

  3. maiylah Says:

    i see that bluehost has got problems, too … a friend was thinking of moving her domain to that server!

    thanks for visiting!