Bathing Beauty

June 25, 2009


Livvy Bath

Well, what were you expecting?!

There is just something so peaceful and relaxing about watching a kitty bathe. Livvy keeps her ears very clean, and she looks ADORABLE when she cleans them– she delicately licks her big furry paw (I think she’s right-handed, lol) and rubs it over her ear. Her ear flattens a little bit, and she looks so sweet and fuzzy. If we come near to kiss her or cuddle her, she lets out a little contented squeak. It’s just adorable to watch!

OK, that’s your cat break for the day. Back to regular programming….

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3 Responses to “Bathing Beauty”

  1. Crystal @ Simply Being Mommy Says:

    You have been given 2 blog awards. Please stop by my blog to claim them.

  2. Carole Says:

    Aww…no matter what that Livvy is doing, she is just adorable doing it! Her fur looks sooo silky.

    Btw, I see the ladybug has returned, woot! šŸ˜€

    • Rebecca Says:

      She is silky. šŸ˜€

      Glad that the ladybug meets with your approval!! šŸ˜€ While looking for the perfect image, I kept wondering what kind of ladybug you would especially like. Yay!