Beautiful Music Boxes

January 26, 2011


Oh what little girl doesn’t adore music boxes? I grew up with only brothers as a little girl, and therefore I my clothes and toys were like the boys. But one year, I got a music box. It was a simple little thing– a white box with a slender ballerina dancing inside. HOW I loved that music box! Unfortunately, I lost it in a house fire, many years later. 🙁 But the memory of having such a beautiful little treasure that made a tomboy feel special endures.

If you are looking for a really special gift for a little girl (or even a big girl!), maybe an heirloom music box would be the perfect present. sells the most exquisite music boxes– burled walnut, high gloss boxes with intricate inlays, oh they are so beautiful! They even have a pretty ballerina one that is made from wood with lovely inlays. You can even choose your own tunes for the boxes. Check out the website for more, but be prepared to be overwhelmed by beauty. They are lovely. They site even has a nice page about the history of music boxes, too. Make a little girl happy! Get her a music box JUST for her. 🙂

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