Bed is Good

April 29, 2011


Now that the flooding has ended (more about that later)—WE HOPE ANYWAY because they weather guys keep threatening us with rain!!!— we have entered “aftermath” mode. Clean up.

*groan* :brudder:

Of course, this all may just be a blessing in disguise…. we needed to clean out the basement, anyway! *maniacal laughter* Well, thank God the insurance will cover our water tank and all my power saws and other losses.

Seriously, it’s a lot of work but I’m trying to stay on the positive side. But my muscles are complaining BIG TIME. I haven’t done such heavy work since the renovation, last year. Ooo I’ve become spoiled!

In the evenings after a very long day, I am ready to plop into one of these cushy beds. Ahhh. Have you ever heard of hamburg leather beds? They look SOOO comfortable and bed frame constructed out of genuine or faux leather is so gorgeous. I could just fall into it and not get up for a very long time. sigh. The small double beds are nice, too. 🙂 The selection of beds is very nice. They even have matching leather bedside tables and headboards! I have a nice mattress (one of those memory foam mattresses), but I need a replacement foundation set and a good bed frame and headboard. I never used to care about my bed– my bones were young and muscles strong– but now as I get older and work on gardening or cleaning all day, I need to pamper myself just a bit more. After my bout with herniated disks and sciatica, I realized how important a good bed is. A beautiful one helps, too, by making the room more pleasant and enjoyable. That’s my excuse, anyway. 😉

How about you? Now that spring is here with all it’s physical activities, are you eager to collapse in bed at night?

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