Best Price on Core i5 Processors

October 2, 2010


I’m STILL on the prowl for an updated computer. My current one is still working pretty well, although the graphics card is starting to act up. 🙁 I use my computer almost 24/7 because I work at home. My needs are pretty steep– I need a hefty processor, lots of RAM, and a very good graphics card. So far, I’ve made do with the budget stuff, even a quad-core budget processor (which is a very nice and speedy processor)… but I’ve determined that the budget stuff isn’t always a good deal– not when it wear out so quickly, or fails to meet your needs. I’d much rather get a very nice computer on sale, instead of a budget cheapo at a low price.

The latest high-speed processors to come out are the Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 processors from Intel (I’ve also decided to stick with Intel processors). Very very sweet little things they are. 😀 Dell has some great computers with the Core i-processors right now! With a Dell coupon, this could amount to quite a nice savings. This nice desktop bundle has a 20″ monitor and a Core i5 processor! Wooo!

The best coupon site I like is The website is very well-organized, and the coupons and codes work! I can search by store, brand name, or a keyword. The site is chock full of coupons, promo codes, and shopping advice. NEVER buy anything online without checking for coupon codes first! is a great place to start. 😀 And if you need a new, speedy computer, definitely check out the Dell coupon page, and other pages. GREAT deals! I saw a code for 20% a computer purchase. Nice….

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