Boating Safety

June 26, 2008

My two bits

I grew up by the shores of Oneida Lake, the biggest inland lake in New York State. We have TONS of lakes, ponds, rivers, and creeks. Boating is really big here in the summer. The Erie Canal is one of our most popular boating attractions. And there’s also the Great Lakes Ontario and Erie that are big with boaters. But every year we hear in the news about another fatal boating accident. Usually it’s some boater who got absolutely wasted on alcohol or drugs, was driving his boat at breakneck speed, and kills someone. Totally irresponsible, and it’s heart wrenching to hear about it.

So if you have a boat or you know someone who does, gather then ’round the computer to watch these videos.

Boating, like driving, is an activity that should be taken seriously. There are lots of sites that offer Boating Education Online. Enjoy your summer but please boat safely! < <

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