Boxes Just Ain’t What They Used to Be

July 30, 2010


The Hubs works part time at a grocery store. On occasion, I ask him to bring home boxes. We are undergoing renovation on the house, so good, thick, boxes are desperately needed. You’d think that The Hubs would be able to grab the choiciest, choosiest, hardiest, bestest boxes, wouldn’t you?


Boxes are LOUSY, people. LOUSY. What happened to good old-fashioned, hardy, hefty boxes?! You can’t even get a good box anymore today! What is this world coming to?! The boxes Hubs hauls home are pitted, punctured, crushed, gashed, and holey. WHAT do those stock boys DO with these poor shreds of cardboard?!?

And I surely can’t reuse the boxes that I get when I order online. ‘Cuz this is what they look like after the mailman is done with them:

I now have to buy boxes, people. ME, I have to BUY boxes! lol. Good thing I can find them so cheap. U-Pack has them– loads and loads of them. And they are not slashed, greasy, nor crumpled, either! These are bright, shiny NEW boxes! :jittery: Pretty! The prices are not too bad, either. You can get an entire box “moving kit” set complete with 20 boxes, tape, dish protectors, and bubble wrap for $80. U-Pack will deliver the boxes right to your door– in a box, lol! And the website sells more than nice boxes: furniture pads, packing supplies, and a mind-boggling variety of boxes for everything. These are the cardboard MASTERS, I tell ya. The website also has articles about moving and packing, including tips from Extreme Makeover’s Ed Sanders. U-Pack has moving resources, cost estimates, and tons and tons more stuff. What a cool website! And best of all, you don’t have to play tug-of-war with the box-cutting wielding stock boys at the grocery stores! 😀

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