Brad Stine and Me: Separated at Birth?

June 15, 2012


The kids introduced me to Brad Stine last week. Oh My Gosh– this guy is not only hilarious, he’s right! :grinny: Here’s his stand-up routine on Road Signs and Animal Rights. LOL!!

He talks like I blog!!! During the videos, I kept turning to my kids with smug looks: “See?! I’m not the only weirdo who thinks that way!!!” and “See?! I’m not the only kook who makes those wacky faces and pantomimes!!!” The guy is horribly addictive. Later, my husband sauntered in to watch. I had to leave the room and when I returned, he was playing clip after clip of Brad Stine comedy videos.

He’s terrific!!!! :rofl:

OH OH Watch this, this is sooooo good!!!

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