Bright, Shiny Awards With Touch o’ Blabber

April 17, 2009


Well, well, it’s that time again! Certain intelligent people have finally recognized my brilliance, my wit, my engaging style.


And if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell ya. šŸ˜‰

Well… anyway… I have FRIENDS, k? Friends don’t care if you’re not charming, not brilliant, not engaging. šŸ˜€ That’s why I have so many! šŸ˜€

Two bloggy pals, Tahtimbo at Everyday Living and Fida at FidaAbbott, have counted me as among their friends! I got the “Treasured Award” from Tahtimbo, and the “International Bloggers Community” award from Fida! Thanks, friends. I am truly honored.

Plus, Tahtimbo did the 7 Random Things About Me meme, so I guess that means I get to do it, too. This makes it 28 random things about me, since I have been given this meme previous times. But I’m a rather random lass… I have loads to spare.

    1. One summer, many years ago, I used Sun-In my hair and I also got very dark skin from being outside. My hair and my skin wound up being the same color that year (copper-colored). It looked weird. Good thing I have glasses, or I would have looked like a walking penny.

    2. I used to run into crowds of pigeons when I lived in Manhattan.

    3. When I go grocery shopping with one of my kids or another victim young person, I have them push the cart. I then toss groceries their way, and they have to move fast to catch the stuff with the cart. Keeps ’em fit and trim.

    4. I love Hillsongs. When I hear their song, Shout Your Fame, I always start bee-bopping around, no matter where I am.

    5. Yes, I am always this crazy after a spaghetti dinner, why do you ask?

    6. I grew up on The Muppet Show, Gilligan’s Island, and Captain & Tenille. Can you tell?

    7. I love Greek food, everything Greek. I dream about going there someday.

Well… that was fun (again and again and again)! I think just about everyone in the entire world has done this Random Meme thing, twice over. So I’m not going to inflict anyone with it. Unless you WANT to be inflicted. If so, well, go ahead, more power to ya. Leave me your comment and link and I’ll check it out!



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One Response to “Bright, Shiny Awards With Touch o’ Blabber”

  1. Fida Abbott Says:

    Ha, ha,…I saw a cute one dancing on the top of your post. It was so cute.

    Have nice spring Rebecca!