Brighten Those Soggy Summer Days

June 23, 2010


This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of 1-800-Flowers. All opinions are 100% mine.

Ooooooook. Enough is ENOUGH with the rain. The Weather Dude said that we have had almost SIX (yes, 6) inches of rain for the month of June. :cwy: Add to that all the crying I’ve been doing because I am renovating and have to hang my laundry on the clothes line… and we’d got a veritable flood going on here, people. I am SO SICK of the RAIN! Gah! We had nothing in May (everything was bone-dry) and are absolutely saturated for June. *sigh*

So Upstate New York and the rest of the Northeast has been mighty gloomy this summer so far. Cold, clammy, humid, and overcast. My poor, poor flower gardens. If they’re not drowning in weeds because I can’t weed them, then they’re drowning in water and bereft of sunshine.

I spotted some bouquets of flowers at my local grocery store– even they were a sorry sight. The azaleas were brown and wilted. The roses looked OK, but they were rather bland without sprays of color. We gals NEED our flowers! So why pay through the nose for wilted flowers at a supermarket, when you can shop online for gorgeous bouquets and have them delivered!!! 😀 Now that’s fine living. 😀 I cannot wait until my kitchen renovation is done– I’m going to place tons of flowers and plants near my new 4-foot by 5-foot window.

And if you’re looking for spectacular, fresh flowers— you have got to check out

To my Hubs and kids: *HINT HINT*

My husband has ordered from them before :mrgreen: and they do have speedy and friendly flower delivery. The prices are good, and the bouquets are INCREDIBLE. Really, go see their pictures of their bouquets. You can practically smell the Gardenia Bonsai tree, WOW. I want one of those for my kitchen window. And they have these super-bright pink azaleas that are NOT wilted! The bouquets are really affordable, as low as $20! But has more than bouquets and bonsais. They have topiaries, fruit baskets, patio trees, hydrangeas, orchids, dish gardens, and loads more.

Do yourself a favor– come in out of the incessant rain and just GO to the website. It is instant sunshine. Imagine having a windowsill full of them!

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