January 23, 2010


ONLY two. more. birthdays. to go. :brudder:

Wowwww! Why oh why do I have all these kids and relatives born from December to February?! Couldn’t we mothers have planned a little better?! I mean, gee, winter is boring, but… WOW. Too many birthdays, and that on top of all the holidays. I’m pooped. I can’t believe shopping has made me exhausted. I must be getting old!

Anybody need a netbook? I found one while shopping– it’s a steal! Netbook prices are starting to drip down, now that they are not the “hottest” commodity anymore. I have one and it’s really great. I carry the thing with me everywhere. has a bunch of great sales going on right now, including a terrific price on a ruby red Acer Aspire One with Windows7– $289! And it comes with free shipping. They had some other very nice models for less. I think you can pick up a good, basic netbook for right around or under $200 now. That’s a big difference than the $350-$450 I saw this time last year! The Acer is a reliable brand, and I’ll probably get one for the kids in the near future.

The only thing about netbooks is that they do not have a CD/DVD drive. I can live without that, because I use flash drives all the time. But you do need a DVD burner to create the operating system recovery disks. However, that was the reason I got my crossover cables last week. šŸ˜€ You can use your desktop PC to connect to your netbook– from there, your netbook can access your PC’s CD/DVD drive. Nice. Sure beats having to buy a separate DVD burner.

So anyway… I’m still shopping. I think I’m down to just two more kids to go! šŸ˜€

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