Can You Afford Online College?

October 26, 2010


Online college is SUCH a terrific concept. I think my kids are going to do it, when they are ready. I just love the Internet, I love everything about it, and online education is like the creme de la creme of it all. I love the convenience, the incredible diversity, the information at my fingertips… what an amazing invention. Gee, thanks, Al Gore. LOL.

But it’s one thing to LIKE online school. It’s a totally different one to PAY for online school. Money is tight for everyone, we all know. Thankfully, there is help. And guess what– it’s online! You can find scholarships online, and even apply online! The website about scholarships is like a blog, and gives information about all kinds of scholarships available, including “black scholarships” for black students, athletic scholarships for the jocks, family and state scholarships, and specialized ones such as engineering scholarships. The information is geared toward getting grants for traditional college (such as state college), but sometimes this money is available for online education, I have heard. I guess I need to read more about it! The information is free, and the site has some links you can follow for more information on available money. If getting a college education or continuing your education is on your mind, look into available scholarships to help you out. It surely can’t hurt to look!

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