November 21, 2010


Weeeellll…. as much as I hate CAPTCHA for comments (I always find them difficult to decipher), I was forced to install it for my blogs today.

For Blog Jog Day, I anticipated loads of comments! And I sure got them– 1,000 spam comments PER HOUR. On 11/21/10, I logged in to see the spam count pages literally multiply before my eyes. I’m not kidding. When I logged in, there were 70 pages of spam comments just that day alone. And as I sifted through them to check for viable Blog Jog Day comments, I watched the pages increase: 72, 74, 77, 80…. yahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I had to stop it, and fast, before the spambots overloaded my server and brought all my websites down!

So in a hurry I installed a CAPTCHA plugin. It’s called Conditional CAPTCHA. I don’t know if I like it yet, it was the best thing I could find in 2 minutes! But instantly, ALL SPAM COMMENTS CEASED. It was like…. like TOTAL silence.

:jittery: WOW! I think I like CAPTCHA!

So my apologies to anyone who hates CAPTCHA. I dislike it, too. But the spambots are winning the war, and I must stop them before they destroy me!

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2 Responses to “CAPTCHA. Kills Spam DEAD.”

  1. blueyes Says:

    And this is why I have CAPCHA on my blog too lol. I also have ban IP plugin and bans the ones that spam on a daily basis.

  2. Karen and Gerard Says:

    Good thing you knew how to block them. That’s terrible! Thanks for the tip and knowing this will make me more patient when I come across blogs that use this.