Carry the Internet With You

May 26, 2010


This has GOT to be the absolutely coolest thing I have seen. Hands down, this is the best gadget of the year! I saw this on sale at and it is amazing! It’s the Sony Dash. It’s a “personal Internet viewer.” I have always wanted one of these. How many times have I been out and about, and the kids and I will wonder about the history of some place we see, or wonder what the weather will be like later. I don’t have a fancy cell phone (nor do I want one), and besides, those screens are so tiny that it’s impractical for Internet browsing. And netbooks are nice, but they are still too large to carry around in my purse. But the Sony Dash is SO COOL!!! I am going to save up and get one someday (after I finish my kitchen renovation). Wouldn’t it be cool to have this little thing in the kitchen, too? I could look up recipes and check my email in a flash, without having to turn on my big desktop and wait for it to boot up, etc.

I think the Sony Dash would be a perfect accessory in my new kitchen, don't you think?

OK, here’s the scoop on the Sony Dash:

  • It’s got a 7 inch screen. That’s way larger than a phone and smaller than a netbook. PERFECT size, I think. The screen resolution is 800 x 480, very nice.
  • It weighs ONE pound. How cool is that?! That’s lighter than my little purse of small change! LOL.
  • It’s a touch screen– no mouse!
  • Sony offers over 1,000 apps for the Dash: check Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, weather, news, stream music, Netflix, Internet radio, and more.
  • It has a real time clock with battery backup.
  • It has a microphone outlet, takes speakers, and will plug in to a power source. It also has a USB port.
  • It’s shaped to stand upright, or to lay at an angle, for easy viewing and operation.
  • UNLIKE a cell phone, you aren’t charged an arm and a leg for service! The Sony Dash connects to your home or office wireless, or hot spot WiFi (so it’s perfect for travel, too).

I think it is AMAZING. It’s something you can take anywhere and just zip out at anytime. I love it. It’s selling for about $200 at, and includes free shipping. That’s the same price as a e-book reader, and the Dash does more than an e-reader, imho. Nice one!

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  1. Vixen Says:

    That is a nifty little gadget!