Cat Grass?

January 29, 2010


I’ve been seeing on some of the cat blogs this new thing (new to me, anyway): cat wheatgrass. I must have missed something in all my 35 years of cat ownership…. do cats really need to eat grass?! I always thought it was bad for cats to eat grass, because they…
well…. because they barfed it all back up again. :sik:

So is it a good thing to get cat grass? I mean, I have enough messes to clean up… cat barf is kinda low on my wish list.


But if Livvy is somehow missing out on a wonderful digestive experience and I should get her some cat grass… please let me know. The set at is very cute and very CHEAP! On sale for just 8 bucks and free shipping!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen!! even sells cat grass, that amazing barf-inducing product designed to make your kitty happier and spunkier by the chew! They also have some nice cat food and very cute cat accessories, for your cat to eat and play in STYLE! šŸ˜€ What a store! They have an adorable plush doorknob dangler cat toy, and it’s so sweet that I think I want one, too!

So. As far as cat grass… I guess I never imagined Livvy was missing out. Maybe it’s because all my other cats were outdoor cats?

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