Cat Owners: I Need Your Help For My Kitty

April 3, 2009


Cat owners, I am in desperate need of your help and/or advice. We have a 5 year-old male cat named Fuzzy. He has this horrible wound or ulcer or something in his side. Of course, we discover this late Friday night, when the Vet’s office is closed for the weekend!!!!!!! I am worried sick about Fuzzy– we wonder if he was hit my a jerk with a BB gun, or if he was in a bad fight… the wound is very bad and I am asking you for your advice.

I took some photos of Fuzzy’s wound– Do not “read more” if you are squeamish!! To my feed readers– I sure hope the RSS feed doesn’t display the entire post here. I’m sorry if it does— don’t read any further! The photos even make me queasy and I am not a queasy person.

So here are the photos.

You’ve been warned!

This could make you feel really gross!



FuzzyCat Wound2

FuzzyCat Wound

My heart feels like it’s going to break. šŸ™

I can’t get him to the vet until tomorrow, hoping that the vet is even open (I’m not sure about that yet, all I get is the vet answering machine). The wound is very bad. It does not look infected, but I am wondering if anyone has any advice.

1. Fuzzy is eating and drinking OK.
2. Fuzzy is not hot and there is no drainage from the ulcer.
3. We think he was either in a fight and was bitten really, really hard, or he was shot by a pellet or BB gun.
4. He obviously has chewed away at his fur and the wound.
5. Can I stitch it up? Does anyone know of any way to knock out a cat (unconscious)? He will allow me to pet him and come close to the wound, but I know he’ll not allow me to dab antibiotic ointment or stitch him up. He’s kind of cantankerous that way.
6. Is there anything I can do besides give him food and water and keep him indoors until I get him to the vet?

I’m a little afraid of taking him to the vet when the time comes, because I expect the bill to be staggering. I’m wondering if there is anything I can do here at home. I know how to do a lot of medical things, but it is the unconscious thing I am concerned with. He will not let me touch it and I don’t want to upset him.

Anyway, anyone have any ideas? I know I have a lot of cat owners and even some veternarian readers from time to time. I am very needful of advice and comfort! :'( My poor Fuzzy!

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13 Responses to “Cat Owners: I Need Your Help For My Kitty”

  1. Miss Szymanski Says:

    Something similar happened to our cat. You might try spray-misting the wound with collodial silver water. That way, it wouldn’t require you to touch the wound directly. Since your cat is eating and drinking, most likely it is not too serious; if it was, he would not have much of an appetite.

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  3. Nyanko Says:

    I have a same opinion with Miss Szymanski.
    If a wounded cat could eat and drink as much as usual, it wouldn’t be serious.So what you should do is to disinfect by spray or so.
    I think it difficult to stitch the wound by yourself.
    Sorry I can’t help so much…

  4. Ruby Mills Says:

    The silver idea is a good one. The ointment would probably get licked off and it doesnt taste good, might make him a little sick since its petroleum based. You shouldnt worry about upsetting him, he’d get over it. I make a herbal ointment that worked well with my co-workers dog that had a wound about the same. If you have herbal teas around linden tea works well. Chamomile tea is also good and might let him calm down if he does lick it off. Just brew a cuppa tea and use the teabag as a poultice.

  5. Ruby Mills Says:

    BTW your fuzzy looks just like my Fluffy!

  6. akaGaGa Says:

    Poor Fuzzy! It looks to me like a bullet wound, Rebecca. The spray is probably a good idea, but I would be very hesitant to stitch it up for fear that something is still inside that would fester. We once had a dog with a deep wound, and we had to keep it open, using some kind of liquid and q-tips, so that it would heal from the inside out.

    Prayers coming your way. Keep us posted. And I would check your yellow pages for other vets. Most of them have a referral to an emergency clinic that covers the whole area on off hours.

  7. Tessie Says:

    Oh, poor Fuzzy. I have a cat, and if my Molly had this, I would definitely be visiting the Friday night Emergency vet! However, your Fuzzy doesn’t seem to really be in extremis, so probably a Saturday morning visit to a regular vet would be ok. Most vets are open Saturday mornings, which is much cheaper than the Emergency vet.
    Another thing I have done, when my “kids” have needed medical attention outside of regular vet office hours, is to take them to the Banfield Pet Hospital at my nearest PetCo. Not all PetCos have them, but they come in handy when something goes wrong on a Sunday afternoon. They charge about the same as your regular vet. Anyway, this might be expensive, but the peace of mind will be worth it. It’s pretty clear you are suffering, too!

  8. Jared|Speakwealthnow Says:

    Keep him indoors, in one room, without too many stimulus. The better he remains sedentary for a while, the better.

    Have you tried palpating his abdomen? It’s not advisable but it helps to check if he’s in pain in some areas of his body. This gives you a chance to identify if there’s a foreign object inside or if he has internal bleeding that you don’t know about. If there is pain, then something is wrong inside. Of course the best option is an x-ray.

    Check on him once in a while. If there is a change in his level of consciousness (drowsy, inactive, etc).

    I wish you can show a more graphic, focused picture on his injury. Do forgive me, I can’t make out if there’s a deep perforation, incision. Is the wound just superficial? Because if it is, then there is less to worry about. But if you see a hole, then the more that you should take care of him.

    Use your instincts. If you feel so strongly about sending him to the vet tomorrow, then do so.

    I hope all will be well. And do get back to us so we’d know how he is.

  9. blueyes Says:

    Poor fuzzy, can’t add anything that hasn’t already been said but hope the vet can fix him up proper when you get the chance to go.

  10. Sharon Says:

    We had a pretty cat once who had a large sore about the size of a half-dollar. Don’t know how she got it. Anyway, the vet wanted to do skin grafting but there was no way we could afford that. He wrote a prescription for antibiotics for her. I took here home and cleaned the area 2x a day with hydrogen peroxide diluted to1/2 strength with water–using gauze pads to wipe with. Then I’d put triple antibiotic ointment on the wound. She recovered nicely with no noticeable scar (hair grew back over minimal scarring) and lived to be 18 yrs old. I think I would take Fuzzy to the vet to get the antibiotics as a precaution. I hope your Fuzzy is well soon.

  11. Daisy the Curly Cat Says:

    Poor Fuzzy! It’s likely that the wound goes deeper than the superficial opening, and cats tend to form abscesses. Definitely take Fuzzy to the vet as soon as you can.

  12. Jenna Says:

    I had a cat that had something similar. I had tried to take care of it at home, and it did start to get better. The problem I encountered was that when I did finally bring him to the vet, the wound was a lesian from feline HIV. Please bring Fuzzy to the vets. Explain to them that you’re really strapped for cash.. and listen to what they say and make a an informed decision then. (Meaning don’t get pulled into spending boat loads of cash, but at least find out what the real issue is.)

  13. corie Says:

    i was just looking at a stray cat we’ve been feeding now for about three years and he has the same kind of injury. upon further inspection of his back leg i found a round bb- sized lump that moves around freely in his leg. so my guess is someone shot him. god help them if i find out who done it. i was just going to take him to get neutered next week now that might not happen thanks to some idiot. anyway your cat may also have been shot with a bb gun. it would be harder to tell from where your cats injury is. well good luck with your kitty.