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Tusk-an Raiders

March 31, 2012


Ladies and gentlemen, THAT is a narwhal tusk. What is a narwhal, you ask? It’s a sea creature. It is something between a small whale and a large seal. The narwhal has a tusk. It’s actually a tooth gone wild. A front tooth grows like mad and develops into this crazy-long sword. Cartoon images of […]

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Turn Right. No… The Other Right

March 6, 2012


I love my GPS. I really do. But some days…. POW, right in the kisser! I used to wrangle with paper maps. And once I opened one of those things, I could NEVER fold it back up. NEVER. It was like the Rubik’s Cube to me. HOW THE HECK DO YOU DO THIS, AGAIN?!?! In […]

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Smith Wigglesworth, Smoking Teeth and Other Things

February 26, 2012

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Smith Wigglesworth As an ardent admirer of Kathryn Kuhlman, I have heard of Smith Wigglesworth. He was a plumber in Wales, born in 1859. He was an evangelist who did AMAZING miracles of healing. I don’t know what you believe about God still doing miracles– all it takes is one or two times to logically […]

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To All You Google+ Users

January 30, 2012


My friend Carole wrote a very informative and enlightening post about Google+, Why I Deleted / Downgraded My G+ Profile. You MUST READ the post and the links she includes if you have signed up for Google+ or are thinking about it. My problem is this: I do not want to put my last name […]

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Creepy iPhone Apps

December 13, 2011

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We’ve all heard the lavish, glorious praises of the iPhone. But what about the “dark side” of the apps out there? If you have stayed up late, pondering what evil lurks in the App Store, wonder no more. I have done the legwork for you, peeps. I’ve cut out the perverted and the obscene because […]

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Photos From Hurricane Irene Flooding

August 28, 2011


My local area got hit very badly- dams burst and the creeks and rivers are overflowing. I’ve never seen the creeks flood into the local homes like this before. My house is OK. I am slightly uphill from the creek. We have water in our basement but it’s under control. It’s a miracle, really. I […]

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Where Were You on 8/23/11?

August 23, 2011


We shall never forget…. *takes off hat, holds hat to heart* I was on my bed, typing at my laptop (I write upstairs in my room, it’s quieter). Suddenly, I feel the bed swaying. Just a little. But it’s constant, so it gets my attention. As if someone is rocking the bed just a little […]

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Conquering the Vile Earwig, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Siberian Winters

July 14, 2011


Last night, I rolled over in bed and was suddenly struck on the leg in pain. A bite! It felt like a hornet’s sting, yow! The thing swelled up to about the size of a quarter and hurt like the dickens. The hubs and I looked everywhere for the malicious critter that had inflicted the […]

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SETI To Stop Scanning Skies for Aliens

May 18, 2011


A little rejoicing in our house today…. we read in the news that the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence Institute (SETI Institute) will stop scanning the skies for alien life forms. Apparently, their funding has been hit. The Mountain View, California, Allen Telescope Array has been switched off and placed into hibernation, as of April 22, […]

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Twitter Asp-irations

April 1, 2011


If you’ve been following the news (of which I haven’t much), apparently a 20-inch long deadly venomous cobra escaped the Bronx Zoo last Friday, and has not been found yet. :holycow: The Bronx Zoo dudes think that the deadly venomous cobra is lurking somewhere within the zoo, but can’t be SURE. Once the snake gets […]

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