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Frugal Alert! Baby Products Coupons and Deals

April 23, 2011

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PBM Products for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I thank God every day that my four kids are out of diapers and off baby food. MAN oh man, that stuff was expensive. I have seen prices go up and up, and I wonder […]

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Vistaprint Supplies Discounted or Free

April 7, 2011

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Need office supplies like promotional pens, calendars, sticky notes, etc? Or just have a hankering for personalized mousepads, t-shirts, checks, or coffee mugs? My favorite online promotional supply store is Vistaprint. I’ve been doing business with them for over four years now, ever since a young man showed me his business card and told me […]

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Frugal Alert: Apple Store Coupons!

March 28, 2011

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MAN! I missed out big time on this. I ordered some stuff from the Apple Store TWICE, and then got a few Apple accessories at my local Big Box retail store… and missed the Apple Store coupons. Sheesh. dumbdumbdumb! *sigh* Oh well. I’m sure there will be a next time! šŸ˜€ Well, at least you […]

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The Credit Card Swap

March 11, 2011

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Have you ever done it? The credit card swap? You transfer your existing, high-APR percentage rate balance to a new card with a lower APR? I haven’t done it very often because I haven’t had very large balances on my cards… but I’m still paying for that kitchen renovation, and the lovely introductory APR rate […]

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I Have No Insurance…

March 10, 2011


… but I am STILL against Obamacare. I can’t remember the time we ever had insurance from an employer… oh wait, I think I remember. For about a year, my husband got a family health plan for us from one employer who offered it. That was… hm maybe 19 years ago… We’ve been on insurance […]

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Freebies and Free Samples

March 1, 2011

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Needy for some freebies? There’s, one of my favorite places to get freebies, and there’s also which has a ton of, duh, free samples! The free baby samples page is huge. When I was a new mom I always appreciated free samples and freebies. I didn’t have the Internet when I was raising […]

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Frugal Questions Answered

February 9, 2011


Not everyone can be a frugal goddess. :grinny: So if you are like me šŸ˜‰ you need a little help when it comes to saving the bucks (or yen or pounds or whatever you use!). That’s the beauty of They have a huge Question and Answer feature at their deals website. It’s very […]

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Good Coupons for VistaPrint Stuff

February 4, 2011


I’m not in the market for new business cards yet (I ordered 250 from VistaPrint a few months ago, and still have about… 230 to give away… ), but I have been checking out some of the other free and discounted stuff there. I’ve got some good Vistaprint coupons for you guys, if you are […]

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Free Samples and Other Stuff

January 18, 2011

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Oh tell me, who doesn’t like free loot, huh? :grinny: I’ve discovered a website devoted to collecting and sorting information for free samples and stuff: Free They have inexhaustable lists of free samples via mail, online free stuff, free trial offers, and such. They also list places on the Internet to find free music, […]

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Frugal Hacks: Target Coupon Alert

December 15, 2010


Alright, you frugal freaks! I’ve discovered another great coupon website for you to add to your bookmarks– According to Twitter, everyone seems to be shopping at Target this year (except Lin!) (and what is it with Target?), so here are some great coupons for you. First, there’s a Target coupon code and Target Online […]

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