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Monday Quiz Time

February 4, 2013


This is a cute meme with good questions. Play along! This week’s questions: 1. Are you good about going to the doctor? Gosh, no. I avoid them, actually. Now that I am older, I do realize that their education and their information can be very helpful (when I have found a good one). Overall, I’m […]

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My Monday Meme

January 14, 2013


Gosh, it’s been awhile… This is the Monday Quiz About Me Meme, hosted by Heather and Wayne Smith. It’s really fun even if I don’t always play every Monday. Check out the meme by clicking the button for this week’s game. Here are the Questions: 1. What is your favorite animal? The cat. I mean, […]

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Simple Woman’s Daybook

November 1, 2012

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I wouldn’t exactly call my life simple these days but this is a nice meme and Lord knows I need some time to just cool my jets and reflect for a bit. Men, feel free to join in, HAHA! FOR TODAY Outside my window… Rain is drizzling. An occasional breeze is blowing across the tree […]

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Monday Meme and

October 14, 2012


I’m writing this with a mobile phone app, so we’ll see how it goes…. This is the Monday Meme About Me hosted by Heather and Wayne of Acting and The questions are always interesting and thoughtful, and it’s a fun meme. Here goes… 1. What is the most interesting fact you have learned […]

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Monday Meme – Labor Day!

September 3, 2012


Gee, do Canadians celebrate the American Labor Day, as well? I don’t, actually. I intend to work, as usual, on a few writing projects. I also have to go to the grocery store, ugh, talk about laboring! While I rarely celebrate any holidays, I do like them because people seem less harried and more friendly […]

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It Definitely Feels Like Monday Today…

July 2, 2012


After a very fun but exhausting weekend (church service was a blast!), Monday morning rolled in like a loud alarm clock. Deadlines await me. Thank God the heat and humidity have passed. It’s a little warm today, but I can now sit at the desk and not perspire all over my keyboard! I haven’t done […]

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11 Things About Boring Old Me

June 1, 2012


Well, I wasn’t going to write anything today because my schedule is CRAZEEEEE and I’m feeling a bit rushed. But I have a lull before I have to cook dinner, look over my son’s schoolwork, and plant the garden…. yeah, I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Nothing like a good dose of procrastination to spice […]

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Monday Meme

May 28, 2012


How is your Memorial Day holiday turning out? Mine has been quiet but extremely busy. We’ve been working right along, tilling the garden, doing school, etc. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get this meme done today, but I have a few minutes to myself! 1. Finish this sentence – The thing I dislike […]

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Monday Meme for a Mild May Day

May 21, 2012


Yesterday it was almost 90 degrees!! With very little humidity! Needless to say, such a rare treat for us Upstate New Yorkers was GREAT. I was able to sit outside without sweating buckets. Today is much the same, with a bit of a breeze. Tropical Storm Alberto is chugging up the Atlantic Coast, and I […]

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Friday Fill-In

May 18, 2012


I haven’t done this meme in a while! Fridays are usually one of the busiest days of the week for me, so I’m often scrambling to get things done. I’m still scrambling, but I have a few precious moments today! Fill ins: 1. I like to avoid ___ if possible. Television. I hate it. If […]

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